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Two common causes of early tire wear out and irregular tire wear are improper inflation pressure and out-of-spec alignment conditions. Tire Tread Wear Cause 1: Improper Inflation Pressure When a tire is improperly inflated, there's a good chance it will start to wear more rapidly and/or unevenly The most common reason for tyre wear on the edges is underinflation. If you've noticed wear on the inside, check the outside of the tyre too. Underinflated tyres tend to distort the tread away from the road in the centre, which results in the edges becoming worn Various factors can cause excessive or uneven tyre wear but the most common is improper tyre pressure, out-of-spec alignment and driving habits. Knowing where the tyre wear occurs can help identify the reasons why. At Elite Garages, you can book a free tyre safety check where our team will help identify the root cause Irregular tire wear is a frustrating little gremlin that can steal your tires' performance and tread life if you let it. The problem is that irregular wear comes in so many different flavors. The causes of strange tire wear can range from air pressure to improper balance, from misalignment to bent wheels Shoulder Wear. When the edges of your tyres are making more contact with the road compared to the centre, it causes uneven wear on both the shoulders. This is caused by: Under inflation. Hard driving on winding and curved roads. The fix: Inflate your tyres to the correct pressures found in the owner's manual, driver's side door jamb or.

This can also be caused by out of balance tires. Jounce the front end to see if it oscillates and test drive the vehicle to see if it floats and leans excessively around corners. Tire wear can indicate a worn steering or suspension component, improper tire pressure, or a misaligned vehicle Overinflated tyres Overinflated tyres lead to tread wear in the centre of the tyres. Too much air pressure causes the centre of the tyre to carry all the load and shrink the contact patch which leads to more tread wear of the centre of the tyre The inner tire wear is also caused by bad alignment, which causes the camber to knock out of proper alignment. The car's front end might be out of alignment for reasons, which can include collision with potholes. An indication stating that your car wheel needs realignment includes steering pull in one direction while driving on a flat road This Video explains the cause of 4 of the most common irregular Tire Tread Wear Patterns.For more How-to Tutorials visit our Website: ht.. Under-inflation leads to sides wearing out faster Filling less than recommended air pressure is a common cause for uneven tyre tread. If the tyre is under inflated, it will lead to more pressure on the sides than the middle of the tyre

Common causes and prevention of uneven tyre spots Unusual tyre tread wear patterns like flat spots and extreme wear on one side is a safety risk. These can indicate a failed front end suspension or weight overload - but the most two common causes of early and irregular tyre wear are improper inflation pressure and incorrect wheel alignment Excessive or uneven tyre wear can be caused by the condition of your vehicle. It is most likely to be caused by the condition of your vehicle in the following 4 areas: 1. Steering and wheel alignment. If your steering is off due to misaligned wheels uneven pressure will be applied to the tyres on your vehicle Uneven wear can be caused by a number of things, one of these being wheel alignment. If your wheels are misaligned, the uneven pressure the tyres have on the road will cause your tyre to wear in some places more than others What causes uneven tire wear? Over time, your tires will gradually wear off along with their overall performance. Aside from the date of manufacture, one thing to consider in changing tires is their tread wear condition. Always check the tread depth of each of your tires at least once a month

As to spindles, excessive pressure on the wheel hub can cause a vibration, which may result in a bent one. As it bends, it may change the alignment of the wheel, and if you don't notice it in time, the tire may develop uneven wear. Cost of Bent Strut or Spindle Repai Individual driving style can cause uneven tyre wear. If you hit a kerb whilst driving, you can knock things out of alignment, causing uneven wear. Sharp turns and fast-cornering can sometimes result in uneven wear. If you drive over a pothole, this can also affect your alignment and thus your tyre wear Wheel lockups, skidding, out-of-balance tires or uneven road conditions can cause spotty wear—avoiding sudden stops, being easy on the brakes and balancing your tires can work to slow the progress of spotty wear. Before you hitch up your trailer for another adventure, make sure to check the condition of your tires and treads

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Uneven tire wear on a motorcycle is caused by misalignment of the tires, improper inflation, and improper balance. Tire wear is normal if the bike is being ridden safely and regularly, but abnormal or uneven wear on tires is an indication that something other than the tires need to be fixed on the motorcycle What Causes Uneven Tire Wear? The most common reasons for uneven tire wear are improper inflation of tires, bad wheel alignment, bent or broken wheel rims, or unbalanced wheels. Improper Inflation of Tires. Under or over-inflated tires typically cause irregular wear across the widths of their tread. An overinflated tire will wear in the center.

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Tire Wear. There are many reasons that tires wear unevenly. Excessive center wear is usually caused by over inflation; a feathered wear pattern across the front tires is an indication of tie rod wear; and cupping, or a dished pattern, makes worn shocks suspect. Even if you can't remember the reason your tires are wearing unevenly, you should. Possible Cause 2: Improper Inflation. Another possible cause of uneven tire wear is that your tires are not inflated to the correct pressure. It's important to use the recommended PSI for your vehicle, ensuring your vehicle is always making optimal contact with the road. This is best illustrated in the below image Here are the things that cause uneven tire tread wear. Incorrect PSI. Your car, truck, or C/SUV's tires should always be inflated to the proper psi - pounds-per-square-inch. If they are underinflated (too low) or overinflated (too much air), the tread will wear down unevenly, usually along the edges or center, respectively

1. Under Inflation Can Cause Higher Depletion Of Tyre Tread: Under-inflation leads to sides wearing out faster. Filling less than recommended air pressure is a common cause for uneven tyre tread. If the tyre is under inflated, it will lead to more pressure on the sides than the middle of the tyre There are a multitude of problems that will cause uneven tire wear and sometimes it has nothing to do with the tire at all. It can be caused by anything from the hitch height on the tow vehicle all the way back to your suspension on the trailer. We will go over the most common issues that cause uneven tread wear and how to identify it Misaligned tires' contact with the road may be uneven, or they may not be rolling straight. The uneven stresses on the tire caused by these conditions may show on the tread as cupping, or a sawtooth wear pattern at the edges of the tread - heel-toe wear in engineering-speak. Worn Suspension and Shock Look for excessive wear on one or both shoulders or in the center rib area. Look for signs that the tread blocks are uneven, especially if the customer has mentioned excessive tire noise or a change in the tire song.. Next, check the tire on the balancer A defective wheel bearing can cause uneven inner tire wear. Worn Out Tie Rod Ends. A tie rod connects the wheels of your vehicle with the suspension and steering components for your vehicle to be able to steer. Tie rods can be worn out through general use, bumpy roads, or speedbumps. If tie rods wear out, they don't hold your tires in the.

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Tire tread wear can tell you a lot about a suspension. Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification. Here are the most common tread wear patterns and what causes them. Over-inflated Tires Tire tread wear in the center of the tread pattern tells you that the inflation patterns are too high What Does Uneven Wear on Your Golf Cart Tires Mean For Your Ride. The key to keeping your golf cart tires in good shape and condition is by monitoring and maintaining the right golf cart tire pressure. When the tires are at their optimal or correct tire pressure, the treads will wear evenly and the tires will last longer

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If you pay attention to the following causes of excessive and uneven wear, you will extend the life of your tires and keep yourself safe: Improper Tire Pressure - We have all heard about the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure at all times. Improper air pressure in your tire is a big reason for many tire problems and failures Many things can cause uneven tire wear, including a bent axle, an overloaded trailer and worn or broken suspension components. A trailer axle should be slightly arched, with the high spot in the center of the trailer and the spindles on either end being slightly lower. When the trailer is loaded the arch will flatten, placing the trailer tire. Severe, Irregular or Uneven Tire Wear. Severe, irregular or uneven tire wear can cause a vehicle to pull to one side. If you have a newer tire with more tread on one side, particularly on the front of your vehicle, and an older tire with much less tread on the other side, the tire with the newer tread is going to grip the road better

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But here are some of the causes of uneven tread wear that you can try and avoid. Over-Inflation Of The Tires. Tires need to be kept at a certain level as much as possible. If your tires have too much air in them, they are over inflated. When that happens and is consistent, you are going to wear the center of the tires faster than the edges If there is uneven or excessive wear of the tire treads, it will be almost similar to driving with racing slicks. This reduces the tire's ability to maintain grip or traction of the road surface. Hence, the shallower the tread or groove, the greater is the tendency for water to push the tire off of the surface of the ground 5. My Tire Treads Have Uneven Wear. This is a special type of wear pattern that causes each tread to wear on a gentle slope or diagonally called feathering. One side of the tread will be sharp and higher, while the other edge will be lower and smooth. Run your hand across the treads to feel the uneven wear of each tread If, for some reason, the tire bead doesn't fit into the wheel properly—for example, if the tire was not sufficiently lubed during installation—it will not properly center onto the wheel flange. This prevents the tread from lying flat as the tire rolls forward and backward and causes uneven wear on the shoulders of the tire

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  1. The folks at the tire shop said the tire wasn't repairable and that I had to replace two tires. The put the new tires on the back and moved the undamaged, but worn tires on the front. I can't remember if the worn tires were 60% worn or 40% worn, but they were the stock tires that I bought the car with
  2. Uneven Tyre Wear Causes Incorrectly aligned trailers - Trailer wheel alignment is just as important as the alignment of the wheels on the towing vehicle. If your trailer is not aligned in the correct position, then tyres can wear unevenly on the outer or inner edge, dependent on which side is working harder to maintain the trailer's stability
  3. Below are the common causes of Uneven Tire Wear. Inner and Outer Tire Wear. Are your vehicle tires wearing excessively on outer or inner edges? If so, this may be a sign of some defects with the tire alignment. The inner and outerwear of tires are most commonly referred to as toe or camber wear. The tire wear of this type occurs when the tread.

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Faster wear of front or rear tyres on front-wheel-drive cars; Excessive tyre wear on one side; Cups or dips in the tread; Driving Style. Your driving style can easily cause uneven tyre wear and this includes sharp cornering, hitting the kerb whilst driving, wheel spinning and excessive braking Reasons for excessive or uneven tyre wear. What can cause a tyre to wear excessively? There are a number of factors to consider which may cause excessive or uneven tyre wear: Driving Style. Individual driving style is a factor that needs to be taken into consideration when discussing the causes of tyre wear. This can include: Hitting kerbs.

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Camber wear - Uneven wear on one side of a tire tread may occur when the tire is leaning due to camber misalignment. The underlying cause may be bad control arm bushings, loose ball joints , a bent spindle or strut , or a strut tower that s out of its normal position (due to factory misassembly, collision damage, body sag or severe corrosion) Causes of Tire & Trunnion Wear. A number of different issues have the potential to cause wear on load-bearing surfaces. Some of the most common reasons for wear are summarized here. Poor Alignment. Alignment is a key contributor to equipment performance and longevity. Rotary drums naturally fall out of alignment over time and should be. Tire imbalance is uneven weight distribution across the tire itself. As even a .25-ounce imbalance may cause back tire cupping and other problems, so you should check your tire balance every 3,000-6,000 miles. Balancing your tires can improve tire life by as much as 15-20%, by preventing uneven wear

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  1. If a tyre is under-inflated, it bounces off the ground and results in abnormal wear to the shoulders and lugs (with wear to only one of the two).Rather than being absorbed, the strength of the vibration felt by the farmer may actually increase. If tyre pressure is too low when driving on a road, the materials will heat up and the rubber components will separate from the nylon, rayon or metal.
  2. In my experience, toe causes more wear problems than camber does unless the car is operated exclusively in a straight line. Maligned toe settings cause the inner or outer edges of the tire to 'scrub' along as the car is driven. This has a greater influence on wear patterns than the tire being tilted over a few tenths of a degree
  3. Uneven tire wear compromises the life and performance of your tires, the handling of your vehicle, and your safety—and for each type of uneven tire wear there could be multiple causes, from improper inflation and misalignment to parts problems. That's why it's so important to spot signs of uneven tire wear early, and have an expert help.
  4. Finding and Repairing Vehicle Shaking Why is my car shaking? —This common vehicle issue is often assumed to be the telltale sign of a tire alignment problem.It is true that alignment troubles cause road unsteadiness, shaking, vibrations, and uneven tire wear; however, warped brake rotors and tire imbalance can have similar symptoms. Here is a look at these common sources of car shaking.
  5. In day-to-day driving your tyres will pick up debris, such as stones, glass and, if you're unlucky, a nail or other item that can puncture your tyre. If you leave a stone or sharp object lodged in the tread, over a period of time it will wear away at the rubber and can eventually cause either a weak spot, or a puncture
  6. One of the biggest causes of uneven wear is tyres that are inflated to the wrong pressures, thereby putting different stresses on the tyre surface. If the tyre is over-inflated, the middle section of the tyre tends to wear more, and vice-versa. Wheel alignment is sometimes called tracking and it relates to the position of the wheels and.

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Uneven tire wear can cause catastrophic damage. Not surprisingly, AAA Colorado reports, the most popular vehicles in Colorado have either four-wheel or all-wheel drive - a feature that makes them especially sensitive to variations in tire tread. Four-wheel or all-wheel drive systems help maintain traction in treacherous and off-road. This type of uneven tire wear is often a symptom of suspension problems on your vehicle. Learn some causes of tire cupping, and possible ways to prevent it. The tire in the image is beginning to exhibit signs of heel-toe wear, a wear pattern that falls into a similar family as tire cupping The negative camber is the result of that and the uneven tire wear is the price we all pay. 33,000 miles on a set of rears isn't too bad. The only way to get rid of the camber is to go back to a stock ride height or drop out the rear subframe and get a weld in camber adjustment kit. From a money standpoint, you can buy a lot of tires for the. Issues with the suspension can cause excessive and uneven tyre wear. This can happen as the suspension compresses and rebounds if your alignment angles are altered. Gearbox. Wrong! Issues with the gearbox will not be a direct cause of excessive or uneven tyre wear. Gearbox issues may be heard, smelt, or felt when the car refuses to go into gear

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1. Centre wear. With this uneven tire wear pattern, the tire has thinner (or shallower) tread in the middle vis-à-vis the outside edges. How is it caused? Centre wear is caused by over-inflation of the tire, which allows increased surface contact with the middle portion instead of the tire's outside edges. 2. Edge wear Air Pressure for Competition Tires | Tire Rack. low of a tire pressure. The Hoosier Radials can wear unevenly if underflated and seem to work best at much higher pressures, such as the mid 30s to as high as 50 psi. Underinflation will cause a thin ring of wear at the very edge of the tread. The best results on the Hoosiers seem to come when.

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  1. Hi can anyone give some suggestions to what would have caused this level of uneven tyre wear car is a 2004 E60 BMW 530D, the tyre in question is the rear offside, the heavy wear is on the inside.
  2. If they are under-inflated, the outside of the wheels can wear too much, and the tire is susceptible to cupping. If they are over-inflated, the middle of the tire is the only part in contact with the road, and the pressure of the tire can cause the vehicle to bounce slightly, causing further damage to the tire
  3. the tire. Probable Cause Misalignment, radial and lateral runout, severe out of balance, loose wheel bearings or steering parts. Corrective Action Check for mismount and worn parts. Tire Disposition Reverse direction of tire or Diagonal Wear Appearance Feathering at the edge of the tread ribs. Probable Cause Usually the result of continued.
  4. Re: what would cause savere univen tire wear on a single axle trailer? Re: what would cause savere univen tire wear on a single axle trailer? it sounds like a camber issue , the tires are out at the top tilting them in more at the bottom and running on the edge, could be a bent axle or spindles, if its out of alignment it would be outside on one tire and inside on the other, from being pulled.
  5. If I run a cheaper tire it will wear uneven like yours is. I started running Michelin XZA3's and have had zero issues since and I usually get between 150-170k miles on a set compared to 80k on a set of cheaper tires. With the A3 michelins you can't swap between sides without dismounting the tire and flipping it because the tires are directional

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  1. I rotate my tires at 15,000 to 20,000 miles to balance tire wear but I am able to inspect and monitor my tires for abnormal wear patterns, most people cannot. Wear patterns, like cupping and heel/toe wear cause unsatisfactory tire noise and some vehicle owners have replaced their tires at 20,000 miles with plenty of tread remaining to quiet the.
  2. One-Side Wear. When one edge of a tire wears rapidly, it's almost always the inside tread and it happens in pairs. This is usually a result of overloading, sagging suspension, a bent axle or possibly a combination of all three (Figure 3). This happens when the wheel bows out with the top kicking in
  3. 3 Reasons Your Tires Wear Unevenly. 1. Incorrect Wheel Alignment. Many roads aren't smooth and even, as they feature several potholes and speed bumps. The jarring impact of these obstacles, combined with regular wear, cause the tires to rest at an angle or turn slightly to the side when the steering wheel is straight

Irregular wear patterns share some common factors. When trying to understand the root cause of the irregular or uneven wear patterns, look for these common factors: • Tire inflation pressure; • Tire bead seating/assembly; • Runout/balance; • Worn or broken suspension components; • Vehicle alignment; and Causes of Uneven Tire Wear. Uneven tire wear is generally brought about by inappropriate arrangement, overinflation, underinflation or an exhausted suspension. It very well may be useful to realize the diverse uneven tire wear designs underneath and what they may propose about your vehicle. Tires are a critical segment of your vehicle, and it.

Why are my tires wearing on one side my vehicle? Well, as you might imagine, there are a bunch of reasons, and without knowing anything about your vehicle — like what make, model, year, etc. — I'm going to have to provide some generic guidance.. If you pay attention to the following causes of excessive and uneven wear, you will extend the life of your tires and keep yourself safe: 1. Improper Tire Pressure - We have all heard about the importance of maintaining proper tire pressure at all times. Improper air pressure in your tire is a big reason for many tire problems and failures Uneven, unusual, or strange tire wear is generally a sign of other problems in your vehicle. The exact problem is indicated by the way they wear out, and the problem can be one of the following: Center Wear. When the center part of your tire is wearing out faster compared to the edge, the problem is most likely tire over inflation Brake adjustment can cause pull in either direction but should not cause uneven tire wear. Too much toe is the usual cause of tire wear but that is usually on the OUTSIDE edges. Next culprit might be way too much camber. But pulling to the side says the two wheels aren't even aligned the same. R Uneven tire wear requires you to perform some analysis in order to isolate the cause. Any number of situations can cause your tires to wear unevenly. Among the causes are tire pressure, vehicle alignment, worn components, driving habits, or simply failing to rotate the tires. In this article some of the major issues are addressed

The most common cause for uneven tire wear in the Lexus is incorrect air pressure in the tires. Review the owner's manual, check the sticker on the inside of the driver's door, or check the online specifications for your Lexus' recommended air pressure range. Note that the front and rear tires may have different air pressure recommendations Uneven Tire Wear If your vehicle's tires are misaligned, and you don't correct the situation, you're going to get uneven and unusual tire wear. While properly rotating your tires will help mitigate this problem, it won't save your tires from the unusual wear and the quicker than average wear Not keeping tires inflated to manufacturer specifications (which are listed in the owner's manual, and occasionally also on the door jamb of the vehicle) is one of the most common causes of uneven tire wear. It's caused by the tire bowing in the middle, causing the edges to make the most contact with the road If tire rotations are occurring and your front (or rear) tires are experiencing a clearly disproportionate amount of wear in a front-wheel drive vehicle - especially uneven wear across the front tires - then inflation, alignment and/or suspension issues are the likely causes

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Uneven Tire Wear. Irregular tire wear is an irritating and expensive problem. Even newer tires may have to be replaced if your tires become dangerously worn out on one side. Irregular tire wear can be caused by many different problems ranging from air pressure to improper balance. Below are a few of the most common causes and some solutions What causes uneven tyre wear? Uneven tyre wear can be caused by a variety of issues. It could be something simple like under or overinflated tyres or could be a more serious issue such as suspension or alignment troubles or an internal tyre fault. Buy New Tyres. Tyre wear patterns A tire that is over inflated shows more wear along the center width of the tire than along its edges, leads to uneven tread wear. That in turn shortens the overall life expectancy of your tire. Additionally, if you over inflate your tires and overload the weight your car can carry, you're creating the perfect recipe for a tire to blowout

If you neglect tire maintenance, you increase the chances of driving with unaligned and uneven tires that will go bald in no time. For the best deals to replace your tires timely, check out tyres online ozzytyres. Signs of Worn Tires. Recognizing when your tires are balding can prepare you better to replace them and avoid an accident Uneven tire wear is cause for concern. Rotating your tires every 6,000 miles prevents uneven tire wear and it also allows certified technicians to assess the health of your tires. If they see uneven wear, they can recommend a course of action, including tire replacement if necessary. You don't want to have a blowout while you drive

Absolutely: shocks and struts provide damping force to control tire movement. When the tires move excessively, they develop a cupping wear pattern that damages the tire. Other factors such as incorrect air pressure, worn suspension components or improperly aligned steering also causes uneven tire wear If you have a wear problem with new tires because of alignment or parts, you might not notice the uneven wear and you correct the problem but the uneven wear doesn't reverse itself . There may be only 2/32 difference between the rest of the tire and that edge The bump steer disappeared and now at 15K there is still over 50% tread left. This tire was more suitable for everyday driving with no appreciable loss in handling on the street. In at least the early SL models, mine is a 2005 the bushing wear is a know problem and should be checked

What causes uneven tyre wear? 28 th May 2019. Uneven tyre erosion occurs when the tyres on your vehicle wear excessively, abnormally to its natural wear pattern. Tyre wear is inevitable - and happens over time, regardless. But knowing how to prevent uneven tyre wear can avoid premature replacement of your tyres. Types of uneven tyre wear Tyre wear on the outside edge could indicate something is wrong, such as: If your tyres are worn on the inside and outside edge, they could be under-inflated or leaking. This could cause the edges of your tyres to have more contact with the road than usual. Cornering too fast can put more pressure than expected on the edges of your tyres Poor road surfaces accelerate tyre wear, so does the weather. Tyres wear quicker in extremes of heat or cold. Wet roads cool the tyres and reduce friction between the tread and the road, so wear is lessened. Uneven tyre wear indicates that something is wrong with the car. It may simply be that the tyres are not properly inflated, or there may. When a tire is out of balance, this can cause uneven wear in the tire or tire cupping. As the tire is rolling down the road, it tends to bounce due to the imbalance of the tire or the uneven surface of the road. This bouncing can be subtle or very extreme depending on your tires condition. This imbalance is causing your tire to wear prematurely. Uneven tread wear.One advantage of having balanced car tires is the tread wears down evenly (as long as you keep them properly inflated), so all four tires are in the same condition. Conversely, when your tires are unbalanced, certain areas of a tire can wear down quicker than they should. Long-term car damage

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This means there may be some uneven wear on the tire, which will cause an increase in noise as you drive. You can tell this by listening to how noisy or smooth it sounds while driving at different speeds and turning the steering wheel from left to right. Tire noise can be caused by uneven wear on the tire, low air in tires, or other factors Improperly inflated tires will cause all of these wear patterns to be greatly exaggerated and will cause you to lose many many serviceable miles. Check pressure often. Empirical evidence for Valkyrie, GL1800 and VTX tires shows that running 38/40, 40/40 or 40/42 (or slightly above/below) will greatly extend tire life Possible Uneven Brake Pad Wear Causes. Front and rear brake pads naturally wear differently. When your vehicle is moving, the forward momentum tends to put more strain on the front brakes, which can cause them to wear faster than the rear brakes So, I thought it was my fault due to poor maintenance. As you can see the tire had plenty of tread left but the uneven was was causing serious speed wobbles at 35 MPH with no hands. Now fast forward to 23000 miles I notice my front tire is starting to have uneven wear again. However, the tire pressure is fine. 38 PSI Uneven Wear on Rear Tire. GoFur. 844 posts. January 27, 2010 4:26 AM PST. On the last two rear tires on a HD FatBoy, I have noticed that the tire is worn more to the right of center than anywhere else, and I am talking by a good amount. Someone told me it could be the swing arms got tweeked and the tire isn't riding straight up and down

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The old right rear tire wore on the inside. The new tires wear perfectly centered in the tire tread. So it seems the tire was the problem. At least it sure looks that way. The one rear tire that had even wear will be used as a spare if I can find a used wheel for it Tyres develop different wear patterns depending on the forces they are subjected to, and the conditions they are most commonly operating in. Uneven tyre wear can compromise the life and performance of your tyres, the handling of your vehicle, and your safety. Check out our checklist of what to look for when evaluating premature tyre wear Uneven tire pressure causes uneven vehicle traction on the road, as well as an increased rate of tire wear. In addition, it can also cause instability in the vehicle, especially as the tires are meant to flex, and any uneven tire wear will cause them to flex at different rates Cause of uneven tire wear 2 Answers. The outer edges of the front tires are worn out compared to the rest of the tire tread. The alignment has been checked several times and everything is to spec. What other possible reasons could ca.. My front passenger tire has some noticeable wear on the outside of it. The truck drives nice and straight. I do get a slight vibration above 80 mph and I do a lot of light to medium towing (lots of backing up). What would cause this kind of wear and what would cause the vibration over 80 mph..

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Like a cupped tire, improperly inflated tires press against the road in an uneven pattern. This can cause increased tire noise, and at a different pitch that might be much more noticeable. Driving on under-inflated or over-inflated tires for an extended time will cause the tread to wear unevenly Tire cupping is basically uneven wear on your tires. More specifically, this uneven wear will come in patches, usually around 3 to 4 inches across. As you look at your tire then, you will see there are patches with normal wear - i.e. with plenty of tread left - with evenly placed patches of much deeper wear running the length of the tire. Inside of the rear tyres wear faster than the outside. I manage to get 40000 km or more with one set of front tyres (front wheel drive). Factory fitted Bridgestone Duravis R410 on 2015/65R16 102/100H. On my Golf 4, when I put my tyres to 2,0 bar at the front and 1,9 at the rear, the tyres wore more on the outer sides of the tyres (inside and. Re: Solution for uneven tire wear on your single axle trailer / tandem trailer. I spent the morning on Saturday 10/8/11 replacing the springs and load equalizers for the boats tandem trailer. Below is a picture on the load equalizers that were removed from the trailer and they appear to be the original 1978 parts

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  1. • Abnormal or uneven tire wear. There are many causes of abnormal tire wear. The most common are worn or damaged suspension components, misalignment, improper inflation or tire selection. While extreme bearing wear or looseness can cause abnormal tire wear, it is typically related to other failure modes
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