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  1. Life inside an Australian refugee detention centre - description of conditions in Maribyrnong Detention Centre, February 2002. The regime inside is designed to reduce the men, women and children imprisoned there to an existence in limbo and to rob them of any hope. From the World Socialist Web Site
  2. Detention of people seeking asylum in Australia. In Australia, anyone who does not have a valid visa is required to be detained. This means that people seeking asylum are generally detained, often for long and uncertain periods. There is no independent review of the decision to detain, and people have been detained for increasingly long periods
  3. MORE: Scott Morrison signs Cambodian refugee deal That's the devastating reality described by those living in immigration detention centres, held for indefinite periods which can take an extraordinary toll on mental and physical health
  4. Agnes Tanoh, a refugee woman and community organiser who spent three months in the notorious Yarl's Wood detention centre in 2012, launched an online petition against the move, which has over 10,000 signatures at the time of writing. In her petition statement she writes: I know how detention destroys a woman
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Central American migrant families arrive at a Catholic Charities respite center after being released from federal detention on June 12, 2019, in McAllen, Texas. Loren Elliott—AFP/Getty Images. For migrants and refugees placed in detention centres, the situation is even more stark. Often confined in overcrowded and squalid conditions where the only option for social distancing is to place persons in full isolation, detainees are particularly vulnerable to the spread of disease

Instead of being taken to official detention centres, many are likely disappearing into shadowy unofficial facilities operated by militias affiliated with the Libyan interior ministry. UN agencies have no access to unofficial detention sites. People held in detention centres face systematic extortion and abuse Under the Detained Fast Track system, applicants stay in detention centres, also called immigration removals centres, which are run by HM Prison Service. A person can also be detained at any point..

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Of this number, around 1,760 migrants - including 760 registered asylum seekers and refugees - are in the DCIM-run detention centres, according to data from IOM and UNHCR, although IOM's data only covers eight out of the 11 DCIM facilities. Migrants wait in line at Tripoli's naval base for buses to the Tajoura detention centre in July 2019 Stateless has four main characters: Afghan refugee Ameer (Fayssal Bazzi), harried bureaucrat Clare (Asher Keddie), detention center guard Cam (Jai Courtney) and Sofie. The true story of Cornelia Rau's detention provides the main framework for the series, but the other characters are based more broadly on stories of refugees and accounts of immigration detention centers rather than on any one. Refugees, asylum seekers and migrants cannot be subject to arbitrary detention. Mandatory detention of all persons arriving at a country's borders - as is practiced, for example, in Malta and in the Canary Islands in Spain - can be considered to be arbitrary and violates international law standards The UN says at least 53 refugees, including six children, were killed on 3 July, after airstrikes hit the detention centre in which hundreds were being held. Detainees, including Kosofo, say the..

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In Tripoli, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are all routinely detained for prolonged periods of time in detention centres nominally under the control of the Ministry of Interior. People. The human rights of people who are in immigration detention are of special concern to the Commission. Liberty is a fundamental human right, recognised in major human rights instruments to which Australia is a party, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child There is a clear upward trend in Greece's immigration detention activities. According to official statistics, 14,864 non-citizens were detained in pre-removal detention centres in 2016, of whom 4,072 were asylum seekers. In 2017, 25,810 non-citizens were detained in pre-removal detention centres, of whom 9,534 were asylum seekers

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immigration detention centres. However, since February 1998 and throughout . the period of the Inquiry, ACM - a private firm - was contracted by the . Department to deliver all services at the detention centres. Immigration Detention Standards, developed by the Department, set out the quality of services expected in the centres and the requiremen Some detention centres are categorised according to minimum, medium and high security classifications. Some provide for detainees of certain ages. Some hold a mixture of both remanded and sentenced young offenders. 20.36 Juvenile detention centres in some jurisdictions are located in both metropolitan and rural areas However, refugee advocates and healthcare professionals have raised concerns about the possibility of physical distancing in detention centres given the shared nature of sleeping, eating and other facilities, and point to examples of overseas countries releasing people from immigration detention centres in response to the COVID-19 threat Refugees and asylum seekers interviewed said they have developed severe anxiety, inability to sleep, mood swings, prolonged depression, and short-term memory loss on the island. Children have begun.. With a deal on the table that could mean the closure of detention centres on Nauru and Manus, Helen Davidson reviews the saga of offshore processing Siev 221 crashes into rocks off the coast of..

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Detention facilities. The following statistics focus on detention in Australia. There are different kinds of places where people are detained, known as Immigration Detention Centres (IDCs), Immigration Transit Accommodation (ITAs), and Alternative Places of Detention (APODs). As of 31 May 2021, there were 1,486 people i Amnesty International's Pacific Researcher Kate Schuetze went to Manus Island in late 2017 to document what is happening at the refugee detention centres. She found concerns over lack of access to food, power, water, medical and transport services for refugees, as well as the deteriorating mental health of refugees still in the centre

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  1. e the detention centre at the heart of Australia's asylum policies. Melbourne.
  2. On 3 June, UNHCR relocated 96 people from Zintan detention centre to a UNHCR-run facility in Tripoli where they await evacuation from Libya. What will happen to the other 625 refugees.
  3. What it's like in Australia's detention centres? In 2006, Cecilia Rowe, a Sister of Mercy of the Grafton Congregation, began voluntary work with Mercy Refugee Service, a programme of Mercy Works Inc. Cecilia (pictured right with Sister Lorraine Phelan, Manager Mercy Refugee Service) reflects on the experience of supporting people at Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney
  4. At a glance: Libya's stalled detention centre reforms; The EU-backed Libyan Coast Guard has already intercepted more asylum seekers and migrants in the Mediterranean this year than in all of 2020. Those returned to Libya are automatically sent to detention centres where they face extortion, torture, and trafficking
  5. Refugees in limbo as Manus detention centre shuts. More than 600 refugees will be moved out of the detention camp after PNG Supreme Court ordered the centre to be shut
  6. The report finds that Australia's indefinite detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island, the harsh conditions, the frequent unrest and violence inside the centre and the failure to protect certain vulnerable individuals all amount to breaches of the Convention
  7. The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court unanimously found the detention of refugees and asylum seekers in the Australian-funded 'processing' centre on Manus Island to be unconstitutional. Integral to this decision was the requirement in section 42(1) of the PNG Constitution that, except in specified circumstances, '[n]o person shall be.

What happens to immigrants in detention centres in the US? A whistleblower nurse reported that immigrant women detained in an ICE detention centre in Georgia were forced to undergo hysterectomies. Here is a quick look at what ICE is and why it has been in the news so much recently What happens in detention, stays in detention June 4, 2015 December 4, 2015 by leoniethorne , posted in University Legislation making it a criminal offence for anyone working in Australia's detention centres to disclose information about their work has raised concerns for refugee activists and journalists The Government's policy has been to continue detaining people in immigration detention, despite detention centres being officially identified as high risk COVID-19 settings and the lack of risks to the community of releasing many detainees, especially people seeking asylum and refugees Women for Refugee Women estimates that around 340 lesbians were locked up in detention centres last year. For nearly a decade, concerns have been raised about the treatment of LGBT asylum-seekers, including abuses within detention facilities In 2012 alone, RCK provided legal representation to 727 asylum seekers and refugees held in various detention centres across the country. One of the challenges in mixed migration and refugee protection in Kenya has been the failure by law enforcement officers and other actors to draw a distinction between criminals, illegal immigrants and.

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  1. The government begins the process of removing the asylum seeker from the UK. Some are offered money to leave voluntarily. Depending on the nature of their claim, they may be put in a detention centre or temporary housing. Removal can be complicated by legal challenges, as many will be vulnerable and may have suffered abuse or torture
  2. There is a clear upward trend in Greece's immigration detention activities. According to official statistics, 14,864 non-citizens were detained in pre-removal detention centres in 2016, of whom 4,072 were asylum seekers. In 2017, 25,810 non-citizens were detained in pre-removal detention centres, of whom 9,534 were asylum seekers
  3. 01/01/2015 - INQUEST INTO DEATH AT MANCHESTER AIRPORT DETENTION CENTRE TO BE HELD ON 7TH JANUARY 2014! - RAPAR is calling a lobby outside the inquest into the death of Tahir Mehmood, a 43 year old man who died at Pennine House detention centre, Manchester Airport, on 26th July 2013. The inquest begins at 10 am in the Council Chamber at Manchester Town Hall Extension, Albert Square, on.
  4. U.S. Detention of Child Migrants. Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children have been arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border each year, sparking debate over how to respond. A recent rise in their.
  5. g from Iran, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA)
  6. The UK is one of the largest users of detention in Europe. People are detained in detention centres known as 'Immigration Removal Centres' (IRCs), Short-Term Holding Facilities (STHFs) and prisons. There are seven IRCs in the UK. Harmondsworth, near Heathrow, is the largest detention centre in Europe, holding up to 630 people at any one time
  7. My name is Agnes. I am a refugee, I am a woman, I am a human being. The Home Office has started building a new immigration detention centre at Hassockfield in County Durham to lock up women like me. Please join me in taking action to stop them. This is personal for me. I claimed asylum here because I was being persecuted in my country and I thought I would be killed

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Serco's refugee detention centres in Australia have also been revealed to have a profound lack of training in suicide awareness, self-harm or mental illness. And the Christmas Island and Villawood detention centres are consistently understaffed. Workers burn out and are replaced regularly On 3 June, UNHCR relocated 96 people from Zintan detention centre to a UNHCR-run facility in Tripoli where they await evacuation from Libya. What will happen to the other 625 refugees remaining in Zintan and Gharyan detention centres? asks Raickman

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Refuge for The Refugees co-founder Heidy Quah was charged in court this morning for documenting abuse and horrid conditions at an immigration detention centre in 2018. - The Vibes file pic, July 27, 2021. WE, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with Heidy Quah, the co-founder of Refuge for The Refugees. Quah was charged this morning under. The 'Detention Centre Rules 2001' were introduced which stipulated the way in which the centres were to be run, ensuring humane treatment of all detainees. Every detained person is provided with a document, known as a 'compact', outlining their rights and responsibilities under the rules, and information about life in the centre

Amnesty International Australia today welcomed the further release of refugees from the Park Hotel, Alternative Place of Detention (APOD), in Melbourne, but said the release showed the policy was arbitrary and cruel. Amnesty redoubled its call for the release of a further 14 people who remain in detention and all those arbitrarily detained Unable to take the refugees to the overcrowded (and politically problematic) onshore detention centres, the Australian government quickly sought to host the refugees offshore, finally settling. Refugee advocates say 46 people have been released from detention in a Melbourne hotel, but this does not mark the end of what has been years in Australia's immigration system. Here's what we know.

Following repeated incidents of violence towards refugees and migrants held in two detention centres in the Libyan city of Tripoli, international medical organisation Médecins San This week in the news there was a lot of talk about asylum seekers and immigration detention centres. You're probably used to that. It's a big political issue that always causes a lot of debate Refugees and asylum seekers protest at the Manus Island immigration detention centre in Papua New Guinea. Credit: Refugee Action Coalition Now, as one of its first acts, the new government is. On April 14, 2020, Suhakam had written to the Home Ministry to seek an explanation as to why human rights non-governmental organisations were banned from the detention centre grounds, disallowing their visit to refugees who were detained. By November 2020, the UNHCR still were not allowed it to meet detained refugees and asylum seekers Seventeen makeshift immigration detention centres - including suburban hotels and aged care homes - are being used by the Department of Home Affairs in a system refugee advocates say is mired.

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  1. ation. The claims of a further 400 had been rejected, it said
  2. More than 60 refugees were released over the past two days from hotels and detention centres in Brisbane, Sydney and Darwin, according to the Refugee Action Coalition and legal representatives
  3. Around 24,400 people entered immigration detention in the UK in 2019, the lowest number since 2009. From 2009 to 2019, the number of people entering detention has ranged from around 24,000 to 32,000 per year (Figure 1). In the year ending December 2019, around 24,400 people entered detention, the lowest level since 2009 when the Home Office.
  4. Refugees interned in Australia's isolated sites of immigration detention report suicide attempts, serious illness, and mental decline. In its current form, the network of immigration detention centres in Australia comprises seven onshore centres. In addition are the notorious offshore locations on the island nation of Nauru and on Manus Island
  5. The UN refugee agency had already called in May for the detention centre to be evacuated after a projectile landed less than 100 metres away, injuring two people
  6. Children in Immigration Detention. According to data obtained in March 2016 by the Canadian Council for Refugees, there are at least 82 children in immigration detention. Detention is extremely damaging to children. There is very limited access to outside enrichment activities, and educational supports are limited
  7. Immigration detention is the policy of holding individuals suspected of visa violations, illegal entry or unauthorized arrival, as well as those subject to deportation and removal until a decision is made by immigration authorities to grant a visa and release them into the community, or to repatriate them to their country of departure. Mandatory detention refers to the practice of compulsorily.

Medevac refugees released from detention have travelled to Parliament House to call for an end to the uncertainty faced by asylum seekers impacted by. Released Medevac detainees call for 'permanent' resettlement option for refugees. Team Las Vegas News February 25, 2021 Download factsheet: Australia's Refugee Policy: An overviewAustralia's key refugee policies briefly explained, including turnbacks, offshore processing, immigration detention and the situation of people in the 'legacy caseload'.What is the scope of Australia's program for taking in refugees?Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program comprises two sub-programs: the onshor

A Manus Island detention centre where more than 600 refugees have spent several years after trying to reach Australia will be closed on Tuesday by Papua New Guinea (PNG) authorities.. The 600 men that are held in the centre will be forcibly moved to new facilities in Lorengau, a city about five kilometres from the detention centre, officials said The Lombrum centre was forced to close after the PNG Supreme Court ruled in April 2016 that Australia's detention of refugees and asylum seekers there was illegal and unconstitutional Australian immigration detention facilities comprise a number of different facilities throughout Australia (including one on the Australian territory of Christmas Island). They are currently used to detain people who are under Australia's policy of mandatory immigration detention.Asylum seekers detected in boats in Australian waters have been detained in facilities on the offshore islands of. MSF is calling for an end to the arbitrary detention of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Libya A Star investigation into immigration detention in Canada found a system that indefinitely warehouses non-citizens away from public scrutiny in conditions intended for a criminal population. The Canada Border Services Agency and the Immigration and Refugee Board, meanwhile, are routinely unable to solve long-term detentions, the Star found

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Detention centres holding refugees and migrants are a clear breach of the 1951 Refugee Convention, which has been ratified by 145 states. The E.U. needs to hold Libya and itself accountable to ensure that its actions match its words, in advocating for the end of arbitrary detention For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre, isolated Eid holiday. Source: The Conversation (Au and NZ) - By Michelle Peterie, Research Fellow, University of Wollongong. Around Australia, Muslims are preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr - the feast of breaking the fast that marks the end of Ramadan Download factsheet: Who is legally responsible for offshore processing on Manus and Nauru?Australia transfers certain asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea or Nauru, but do these arrangements shift Australia's legal responsibility or obligations?What is the context?Since 13 August 2012, asylum seekers who have arrived in Australia by boat (or who have been intercepted at sea an Australia's detention centre on Manus Island has often drawn criticism since it was re-opened in 2012. This is a timeline of key events. 2001: The camp first opens under Australian Prime Minister. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, supports activities to help refugees and asylum seekers address their mental anguish. One programme in the capital Tripoli was specifically designed for children at the Gathering and Departure Facility (GDF), which was established as a transit centre for refugees and asylum seekers awaiting evacuation flights out.

What actually happens in Canada: The CCR has just published a report which shows that detention of children is NOT limited to exceptional circumstances and that their best interests are not always considered.. Bill C-31 (formerly Bill C-49 and Bill C-4), would require mandatory detention of some children (16-17 years old) for a year. That means that even if the immigration officials felt bad. Australia agreed to cover all costs associated with the offshore detention and processing of the asylum seekers and refugees. The Australian government spent 415 million Australian dollars (US$314 million) on its Nauru operations in the fiscal year ending on April 30, 2015, nearly $350,000 for each person held on the island in that year alone Thousands of Australians protest around the country, calling for the release of refugees and asylum seekers who have been detained on Manus Island and Nauru for six years Overcrowding and inhumane conditions have led to a series of escapes and protests at the Australian government's Immigration Detention Centre at Port Hedland. As of last month, over 690 refugees. Refugees need protection from coronavirus too, and must be released. Pressure is growing to release people from immigration detention, with lawyers from Australia's Human Rights Law Centre.

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  1. Detention of refugees and asylum seekers is used by countries across the world in an attempt to manage migration, but this strategy comes with a heavy cost. Detention and deportation is expensive, inefficient and inhumane. Men, women and even children are deprived of their liberty and often forced to live in appalling conditions
  2. Canada's independent Immigration and Refugee Board conducts compulsory reviews of immigration detention with the power to order that a person be released. The UK did quadruple the capacity of its detention centres, but its emphasis on swift processing meant a constant flow of people in and out of detention
  3. Our presence in these detention centres does not qualify as an endorsement of these places nor of what happens there. It is our duty, however, to provide refugees and asylum seekers with help and advocate for their protection, including when they are in detention. This year, UNHCR and partners have conducted 658 visits to detention centres
  4. The international medical organisation Médecins Sans Frontières calls for an end to the arbitrary detention of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Libya after a dramatic increase in the number of people intercepted in Mediterranean by the EU-supported Libyan Coastguard and disembarked in Libya. At least 11,800 people have been returned to Libya from unseaworthy boats in Mediterranean so.
  5. Borders have been sealed, leaving many refugees stranded in abysmal conditions on the Greek islands, or at risk of torture in Libyan detention centres. What does Amnesty think should happen? Europe is not doing nearly enough to take its fair share of responsibility for refugees

The UNHCR previously visited the centres in order to determine who should be given refugee status and allowed to leave, but Malaysia's government has toughened its stance on immigration this year But if we can't find out how many pregnant women are in detention, or what happens to them, it's impossible to work out whether they're sticking to it. In February, campaign group Women for Refugee Women started firing off Freedom of Information requests to find out about the pregnant women they're holding

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Private-detention centre operator Serco and the department of immigration have taken steadily more aggressive action to prevent refugees in detention from speaking out about their conditions. They have done this by moving to restrict and curtail visits to detainees, and have banned several individuals Australia's policy of detaining asylum seekers and refugees in remote high-security facilities has attracted a lot of attention. Earlier this year, the Australian Human Rights Commission reporte The Immigration Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) reviews reasons for detention after an individual is detained for more than 48 hours. The IRB reviews the case and decides if the individual should remain in detention, or be released with or without conditions More likely officials that run the detention centre wanted to make sure that the almost capacity number of 600 refugees would be out of sight and the protest would not be able to be seen by the refugees. However, refugees, the detention centres and what happens in them can no longer be ignored or hidden from the Australian public

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What happens at the Lindela Repatriation Centre? If you are detained for the purposes of deportation, you may be transferred to the Lindela Repatriation Centre in Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg. Lindela was established in 1996, and is South Africa's only immigration detention facility The provisions on detention of children (as a 'measure of last resort') in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) may apply to children in conflict with the law, but are not applicable to immigration proceedings and therefore cannot be used to justify immigration detention of children 8 Human Suffering: Inside Libya's migrant detention centres Human Suffering: Inside Libya's migrant detention centres 9 A new group of detainees enters Abu Salim detention centre, Tripoli. In a fragmented Tripoli, some detention centres are more firmly under the control of the Ministry of Interior than others

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Meanwhile, in Australia's offshore detention camps, hidden from view, the Australian Government continues to perpetrate human rights abuses.. Some of the children currently held on Nauru (Screenshot via Q&A). THE REFUGEE CRISIS, which peaked in 2015, has led to an all-time high in the number of refugees and displaced people worldwide (although since 2015 the number of new refugees per year has. What 'Stateless' tells us about detention centres and Australia. The new TV drama makes the case that detention centres, despite their offshore locations, are central to Australian politics. Along with over 15,000 people in 2020 and 2021, they were intercepted by the Libyan coastguard and forcibly returned to Libya, where many were locked up in detention centres. A few personal belongings of a refugee on his bed in a shared room where sleeps with nine other people, all from Darfur, Sudan

Under Australia 's system of mandatory detention, all non-citizens who are in Australia without a valid visa must be detained, including children. In 2012, offshore processing of asylum seekers commenced and detention centres in Nauru and Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) were established Away from public view, in the country's immigration detention centres, abuse is a daily occurrence, Glorene A. Das, an executive director of Tenaganita, tells the Post. People denied entry to. GENEVA (8 July 2019) - UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Monday she is appalled by the conditions in which migrants and refugees - children and adults - are being. The rally happens annually at the start of Holy Week. Activists gathered at Belmore Park on Sunday in support of the Justice for Refugees rally. The rally, organised by AMSA Crossing Borders and Palm Sunday Rally Sydney, demanded the release of Medevac refugees trapped in Australian hotels, as well as refugees in offshore detention centres mareeg.com-Many detention centres are dangerously overcrowded with the amount of space per detainee so limited that people are unable to stretch out at night and there is little natural light or ventilation GENEVA, Switzerland, September 4, 2017 -Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is calling for an end to the arbitrary detention of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants [

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avid is the network of voluntary organisations providing support for people in detention. Read More ». Follow us on twitter. AVID. @AVIDdetention. Follow @AVIDdetention. PQ: Priti Patel response to question on offshore detention centres: 'it is right that the Government explore all op t.co/uYpxEW8yXu. 2 days 2 hours ago According to a new University of Toronto study, an average of 48 children were housed in Toronto's immigration detention centre for each year between 2011 and 2015 because their non-Canadian. Zana Fraillon's The Bone Sparrow is an exceptional book for young adult readers, and this interview is an in-depth discussion of the themes and structure of the work. The Bone Sparrow was awarded the Amnesty CILIP Honour Award, the ABIA Book of the Year for Older Readers, the Readings YA Book Prize, the IBBY Australia While most Canadians are familiar with the detention of children in the United States, many assume it doesn't happen here. Those that do might assume that children stay in relatively comfortable lodgings. Unfortunately, many refugee children in Canada are living in tightly-packed detention centres

Censorship is a tool governments use to establish and maintain control and power. The Abbott Government is using that tool to the greatest possible extent in relation to detention centres. Journalists and lawyers are blocked from accessing detention centres; photos taken by journalists are deleted; visits are monitored; asylum seekers are. David Isaacs has been to Nauru and seen the suffering among detainees in Australia's off-shore immigration centre In 1992 Paul Keating's Labor government of Australia introduced a controversial policy of mandatory detention of asylum seekers to help cope with rising numbers of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Cambodian refugees. In 2001 John Howard's Liberal government introduced the Pacific. Zintan detention centre isn't an exception - it's a stark reminder of a harmful detention system deliberately fed by Europe that is very clearly putting refugees' lives at risk. [1] Since November 2017, just 3,743 people have been evacuated from Libya through UNHCR's evacuation operation, mostly to Niger, where they must then wait.

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More detention centres are being built across the country, as reported even in international media, with video evidence. At least 28 such foreigners have died in these detention centres. Despite all this, the Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has publicly said that there are no detention centers in the country, which naturally. [4] Many pro-refugee activists also condemn the actions of the Australian government in offshore detention, but support laws (e.g. in Victoria) that may well lead to the refugees being detained for their religious beliefs. [5] E.g. through gay-conversion laws such as the ones passed recently in Victoria The deportation process is generally the same. First you are arrested, although you may well have been in Algeria for several years; then you are sent to detention centre for a few days or weeks; and finally you, along with other detainees, are packed into buses and taken to the desert. Abandoned there, you risk getting lost

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