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On the CHATS tab, tap More options > Settings. Tap Storage and data > Manage storage. The amount of space taken up on your device by WhatsApp media and Apps and other items is displayed at the top of the screen. Review and delete item If you own an android phone then all WhatsApp photos are downloaded and saved under Gallery > WhatsApp Images. Therefore to email these images you just have to normally open you email account on your smartphone and attach the photos from the gallery. 16.3K view Export chat history. You can use the export chat feature to export a copy of the chat history from an individual or group chat. Open the individual or group chat. Tap More options > More > Export chat. Choose whether to export with media or without media. An email will be composed with your chat history attached as a .txt document By default, all photos and videos you receive are saved directly to the Camera Roll in the Photos app on your iPhone. To disable the feature, open the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings tab. Here, select the Chats option. From this screen, tap on the toggle next to Save to Camera Roll to turn off the auto-saving feature Tip: If saving a video or photo for evidentiary purposes, you may want to save the entire chat history to provide context of where, when, and by whom the video or photo was shared. I want to save individual videos or photos. Saving individual videos or photos off of WhatsApp is a two-step process

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  1. Android device is recognized and file types are scanned. You can select the data type you want to backup. To export WhatsApp photos to OC from your Android, you should precisely choose Application data . Then click the Backup button
  2. How to Forward a Photo on WhatsApp on an Android DeviceFor More Android Tips and Tricks Be Sure to Subscribe to Our Channel and Visit Our Website: http://www..
  3. d that this folder can get emptied automatically

Another feasible way to transfer a picture from WhatsApp to Facebook is much easier if you have installed Facebook and WhatsApp on Android phone or iPhone. Please follow the below steps to copy WhataApp Photos/Videos to Facebook on Android or your iPhone 8/7/7 plus/6s/6s plus/6/6 plus/5s Launch the WhatsApp app and open the chat containing the images you want to send. Tap on the images, and a window will pop up showing a list of options, including save, Forward, Share, and Set as my Profile Photo. Tap on the share option. Under the share panel, a list of apps will appear, including email Step 4. With this step, you have granted WhatsApp to access the Photos app of your iPhone. Now, you can manually download and save WhatsApp photos to your device's Camera Roll. Option 2. Save WhatsApp Photos from iPhone Manually. Refer the steps given below to manually save WhatsApp photos to the Camera Roll of your iPhone. Step 1 WhatsApp, a cross-platform messaging app, allows us to communicate with our friends from all over the world and costs zero SMS fees. During the chat, we can now add documents, pictures, videos, contacts, audio and also emoji to better convey our true emotions. And because of that, it makes us want to save such great memories Step 3: Select the Media Folder. After opening the WhatsApp Folder, it leads you to another folder which is named as Media.. Open it to find the folder of the images that are saved on WhatsApp. Select the folder and easily drag it to the desktop. This transfers all the images present on the phone to your PC easily

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  1. WHATSAPP now allows Android users to re-download deleted media, including photos, videos, GIFs, audio files, and documents. Here is how to download pictures from WhatsApp on Android
  2. Once the Chat is open, tap on the Photo that you want to download to iPhone. 4. When the Photo opens in full-mode, tap on the Share icon located in bottom menu. 5. On the Share Menu that appears, tap on the Save option. The selected WhatsApp photo will be downloaded and saved to the Photos App on your iPhone
  3. Tap Settings. The Settings entry from the OneDrive app in Android. Step 2. Access the Camera Upload settings from the OneDrive app. In the Settings list, look for the entry called Camera Upload. If you have not configured OneDrive to backup your pictures, it should say that your photos are not being uploaded
  4. To select multiple photos, you follow pretty much the same process as sending a picture via WhatsApp but at the second step, you get to add more photos to the selection. How to Send Multiple Pictures at Once in WhatsApp on iPhone. Step #1. Open any chat and tap on the media sharing button (+) next to the text field
  5. How to quickly save multiple pictures and videos with the Messages app. Launch the Messages app. Tap on the text thread that has the pictures and/or videos you'd like to save. Tap on the sender's name at the top of the message thread to reveal more options. Tap info
  6. PS: Whatsapp did become a bit more clever lately and you can reach Google Photos now: hit the paperclip, choose Gallery and then choose Google Photos via the 3 dots - also albums are shown then. PS: a profile picture should be on device temporarily and if you download that specific picture from the message again, it will appear in the Whatsapp.

Android. Open the WhatsApp chat from where you want to delete photos. Tap and hold the photo that you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple photos, then you must select one photo, and tap. Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone. Tap the Settings icon (the small cog wheel) at the bottom right of the screen. Tap Chat Settings. Toggle off the Save Incoming Media option so that it no.

WhatsApp recently teased multi-device support and has now started rolling out this much-requested feature to beta testers. With multi-device support, you can use the same WhatsApp account across multiple devices without having to keep your phone connected to the internet How to Manually Save WhatsApp Photos to iPhone Camera Roll. Launch WhatsApp and go into a chat in which images are shared with you. Long press the image you'd like to save. Tap Save. The image is saved in the Photos app. If your iPhone doesn't support long-press touch, you can opt for another way. Open the image you'd like to save Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and tap the Chats tab. Click on the conversation that contains photos and videos you want to save. Click the image or video you need, then tap the Share icon at the bottom left of the next screen. Tap the Save option in the pop-up menu

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  2. How to share photos in WhatsApp for Android. There are two ways to send photo messages with WhatsApp. You can record using the built-in camera utility, or use the gallery to select an existing.
  3. Approach 1: Back up Pictures on PC. ① Use a card reader to connect the SD card to your PC. ② Open the File Manager and double-click on the SD card. ③ Go to [ the folder WhatsApp] > [ Media] > [ WhatsApp images ]. Find out the target pictures and copy them to the disk on PC
  4. There are actually multiple ways to take screenshots on Android devices and you can use one of those to get your task done. Record Screen To Save Videos From a WhatsApp Status. Taking a screenshot of the WhatsApp status won't work for videos. In that case, you'll need to use a screen recorder. Download and install ScreenCam on your device
  5. To back up the photos, you need to turn on sync. Start the Google Photos app and tap the menu button on the top left of the screen. Then tap Device folders. Find the WhatsApp Images folder among.

How to Save Multiple Photos from Text Messages. Instead of saving each photo individually, there is a way to save all photos from a text message at the same time. This will save you time and allow you to make sure that all images have been saved. Go to the text message with one of the photos you want to save. Tap and hold on the picture, a. WhatsApp is set up to automatically saved the photos and videos you receive to your Android's default photo gallery app. Open the app you use to view photos and videos on your Android, then select the folder called WhatsApp. Unless you've made changes to your settings, you should find your videos here I am making a project in which i want to select multiple photos from gallery and want to save that in imageview array. I am able to import single image and save at imageview Can anyone tell please how may i import multiple images and save in array or different imageviews? layout_height=wrap_content android:text=Save/> </LinearLayout. You can save photos from WhatsApp to avoid an accidental deletion. How to delete WhatsApp photos on Android. If you are an Android user and want to remove the useless photos from WhatsApp, you can take the similar method. Open the WhatsApp chat and find the photo you want to delete

Part 1: Flexible Export WhatsApp Messages, Photos, and More When it comes to WhatsApp export, the dr.fone - WhatsApp Transfer is one of the best data management solutions to save and export WhatsApp chats, photos, videos and various files from one phone to another. The software is compatible with the latest version of iPhone devices status saver for whatsapp 2021 help you to save online status from your friend's. You can save photos, videos and gif. * Open status saver for whatsapp and you will see the images, videos and gif. Then save, share, re-publish any video, gif or image. * Now you can select multiple images or videos. You can share them, delete them, or save them. Step 4: Tap Save and the photo will then be saved in your Gallery. *Download Multiple or All Photos from Google Photos Using Google Drive* In the event that you want to download multiples photos or all your photos, you can simply use Google Drive for you to do it. Step 1: Launch Google Drive and then select Google Photos 2] Allow WhatsApp to Automatically Save Photos to Camera Roll. On iOS, WhatsApp pictures do not automatically show up in Photos after being downloaded. Instead, you have to either save each photo manually to your camera roll or enable the Save to Camera Roll option in WhatsApp settings. Below is how you can fix the latter

How to download a single image from Google Photos to your phone storage. Downloading a single image is simple. Step 1: Open Google Photos App and navigate to the image you wish to download. Step 2: Tap on the image to open it. Now press the triple dot menu on the top right. Step 3: Tap on 'Save to device' option. You will be able to access. Android. 1) Open the gallery on your device. And look for the picture you want to share to WhatsApp status directly. 2) Tap on the photo. You will see various options. The options vary according to the devices. To post multiple pictures or videos to WhatsApp status, you can select more than one picture or video. 3) Tap on share icon Open the image, that you want to export, in the Loupe view. In the Grid view, long press any photo to select it and bring up the multi-selection view. Select all the photos that you want to save to your mobile device. Tap icon in the upper-right corner. In the pop-up menu that appears, tap Save to Device. Note Steps to Rearrange Images in Whatsapp Android. Most of the people have an Android phone today, which they prefer to use than iOS. for the reason that it is easy and simple to use.. Steps 1: Go to your settings and put your android smartphone in FLIGHT/Offline Mode, then Open the WhatsApp chat where you can choose your own images/ videos that you want to send

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  1. With the support of Whatsapp, you can send multiple pictures via WhatsApp on your android, enjoy unlimited sending of photo album on your iPhone, send many pictures on whatsapp from your PC. Today, you can now send PDF file, images, video files from your PC to WhatsApp online, transfer photos from bluestacks to pc and also add pictures to.
  2. You can upload an individual photo or multiple photos at a time. To bulk upload photos from your Android gallery, you can either upload a photo album or select multiple photos to upload. Here are the steps to Upload a Photo Album to Google Drive: Open Gallery on your Android phone. Tap Menu button located at the top right corner on your screen
  3. Step 1. Open WhatsApp. Open the chat you want to export, click on the contact name at the top and then click on Export Chat. Step 2. Select whether you want to export media files/attachments or not and Select the iPhone Mail app. Step 3. Then, type your email address in the recipient field and send
  4. With the new beta version, customers can upload photos from other Apps and Folders. This means you can upload photos and video from WhatsApp or other apps which allows photo editing. The OneDrive app can now automatically upload them from the locations you select and this includes apps installed on your phone
  5. On your Android device, start your WhatsApp application and go to the 'Settings' section. Click on Chat settings. Choose the option 'Back up chats' for manual backup at any time. Please note that this backup happens automatically daily at 04:00 a.m. From the same 'Chat settings' section, you can select 'Email chat' option in.
  6. Forwarding from a preview on Android (left) and iOS (right). Whichever way you chose above, WhatsApp will present you with a menu of contacts and groups you chat with on the Forward page.. As previously stated, you can select up to five of these (if you want to share to everyone, you can always make a group with all your contacts), and you can also share the message to My Status
  7. read Earlier this year, WhatsApp launched its Snapchat Stories clone called Status, which has become quite popular over the months
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Similar to WhatsApp, you can send multiple pictures at once by selecting all of them before pressing the send button. 8. That's it; your image will now be shared with the desired person. Option 3: Sharing an Image via Bluetooth. Sharing an image via Bluetooth is one of the oldest ways to share media files from one device to another Save Multiple Images on Galaxy S9. If you want to save multiple images, you can save them all at once instead of saving them one at a time. You can follow the steps below to learn how you can save multiple pictures on your Galaxy S9. Locate the message with the pictures on your Galaxy S9. Tap and hold on one of the pictures. A menu will show up

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Step 2 - Next, ensure to select 'WhatsApp' from the left menu panel. Then, select 'Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device'. Step 3 - As soon as you do it, the program will showcase all the WhatsApp backup files in a list. Just, pick up the required one and tap on the 'Next' option To begin, you'll need to save your image as something other than a photo. In Android, you can do this by renaming your image as a .pdf or .doc file in your file manager, which will save it as.

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  1. WhatsApp. Steps: Open WhatsApp → Open the chat → Tap on the paper pin icon next to the camera icon on the text bar → Tap on Camera or Gallery icon → Choose image → Edit the image → Tap on the send button in the bottom right. You can also open a Gallery app, open the image therein, and then hit the. Snapcha
  2. Let's see how to save messages from an Android phone to PC: Step 1: Download and install Droid Transfer on your Windows PC, and the Transfer Companion App on your Android phone. Step 2: Launch Droid Transfer and connect your Android with USB or Wi-Fi using the on-screen instructions (this will open Transfer Companion on your Android)
  3. In this section, we will discuss two methods to send a photo on WhatsApp. Steps to Send Photos on WhatsApp: Method 1 of 2: Instant Photo. Step 1: Open your WhatsApp app on your android phone and search for the person to whom you want to send photo and tap on his or her name in the 'CHATS' tab
  4. To avoid tedious manual operations, we recommend you give WhatsApp the permission to auto-save photos to Camera Roll by using the following steps. Also, you can apply the same way to stop WhatsApp auto-saving pictures/videos to your Camera Roll. Here's how to do it. Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and then tap Settings > Data and.
  5. Part 1. How to Save Multiple/All Photos from iMessage to Computer Directly. For those users who want to save multiple or all photos, possibly thousands of photos received in text messages or iMessage to the computer, things will be easier if they use a third-party tool like Jihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to do this task. This tool allows you to choose pictures you need and extract as many.

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2. This application will check for duplicates of photos, videos, audios, and all documents in general. 3. It will scan for duplicate files and remove them, thereby freeing up extra space on your device. Also Read: How To Save Photos To SD Card On Android Phone. Method 5: Manage Downloaded Music File WhatsApp usually stores files to the internal phone memory or SD card. If in particular case, the storage space in SD card and internal memory is finished, try Dropbox sharing. Below are the steps involved in linking and saving files of WhatsApp to the Dropbox account for any Android and iOS devices. For Android. 1. Open Dropbox, create an account

It will detect your phone immediately. Step 3. Transfer Text Messages to PC in 1 Click. - Once connected, you can tap on the Backup icon on the page. - On this page, please tick off the Messages category on the panel. Finally, tap on the Back Up button to begin SMS transfer from Android to PC Android iOS. 2] Open the app, grant the storage permission. 3] Click on Video and select the clip you want to post on WhatsApp. If you wish to post photos with music, use the Photo option to import the pictures from the gallery. 4] Now, select the Music tool and click on the Add Track option. 5] You can now either select music from the featured. The Status feature lets you upload multiple photos and videos of your whereabouts throughout the day, such that they come together to tell your story. Your Status is automatically reset after 24 hours. If anyone in Save WhatsApp Status photos & videos to iPhone, or Android Read Mor * Export specific photos from your OnePlus 9/9 pro to the computer. Just pick the checkbox beside the photos and click the Export option. Then choose a directory to save the photos to your computer and then start the photo transfer. All the selected photos or photo albums are saved from your OnePlus 9/9 pro to your computer successfully and easily

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On Android. Open the Giphy app for Android. Search and choose the GIF you want to download. Now, tap on the image and go to the menu (three dots) and choose the option Save GIF. Now the GIF will be saved in your mobile gallery. Steps to download a GIF from Giphy on Android devices using the app Today, there is no straight method of transferring WhatsApp data between Android and iOS. Regardless, there are ways you can transfer your WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to your Android phone

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3- The relativeLocation bit causes an exception on Devices less than Android Q. After surrounding with the Android Version Check if statement, the images are saved directly in the root of the Pictures folder. Another Thank you How to use dr.fone to backup Android phone to PC. Step 1: Install, Launch and Connect device. First and foremost, install and launch dr.fone - Android Toolkit on your computer. Select the 'Data Backup & Restore' tab. Now, connect your mobile phone to the computer and tap continue. Step 2: Enable USB Debugging KakaoTalk (Hangul: 카카오톡), commonly referred to as KaTalk in South Korea, is a mobile messaging app for smartphones operated by Kakao Corporation. It was launched on March 18, 2010 and it is available on mobile and desktop platforms. As of May 2017, KakaoTalk had 220 million registered and 49 million monthly active users.It is available in 15 languages How to APPLY Manav Garima Yojana Details, Online Form & Apply Rules; WHATS APP AADHARIT PARIXA BABAT NO LATEST PARIPATRA DATE 20-01-2021; Family360 - Family Locator, GPS Tracke

WHATSAPP has quietly rolled out a new feature that lets Android users re-download media files they deleted, including photos, videos, GIFs, audio clips, and documents Exporting your complete WhatsApp Chat with an iPhone is quite easy and consists in two steps: 1) First you use the native WhatsApp function to create a .zip file containing your complete chat. 2) Then you can choose which app you want to use to either send the .zip file of your chat via email or to upload it directly to the cloud. For the second part we will cover the three most common options.

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Step 1. First of all, open WhatsApp on your Android and tap on the 'three dots'. From the list of options, click on the 'Linked Devices'. Step 2. On the next page, click on the 'Multi-device beta' option. Step 3. On the next page, click on the 'Join Beta' button. Step 5 Step 1: The first step for combining multiple photos is to download a collage maker app. There are several on the market for both Android and Apple OS systems. While many are free, there are also some apps for which you have to pay. They include Pic Collage, Diptic, Photo Grid, and Moldiv. Search your app store for more options

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If you are using WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends and families regularly, you should learn how to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive. As the most popular Cloud storage service, Google Drive is available for both iPhone and Android phones to save WhatsApp chat history By default, on both Android and iOS, WhatsApp will automatically download and save images to your phone. The platform does this so it can provide quick access to your latest photos Method 1of 2:Using Android. Open WhatsApp on your Android. The WhatsApp icon looks like a white telephone in a green speech bubble. You can find it on your Apps tray. Tap the chat you want to copy a message from. Scroll down your Chats list, and tap the conversation you want to open The process of reducing WhatsApp storage space on the iPhone is slightly different. On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app and go to the Settings tab. Here, tap on the Data and Storage Usage option. Now, swipe down and tap on the Storage Usage option. Advertisement. You'll now see a list of all WhatsApp conversations, sorted.

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Status Save To Gallery - Status Saver For WhatsApp. The name fully reflects the nature and functionality of the application. The main task is to quickly and efficiently save the statuses from WhatsApp to your smartphone memory. If you wish, you can save several positions at once from several friends - the tool supports multiple choices What is Click To Chat? Click To Chat is a less known, but a handy feature on WhatsApp that allows you to send message to a noncontact. i.e you don't need to save the number as a contact in order to send a WhatsApp message. This method works on Android, iPhone and WhatsApp Web. To know in detail about the Click To Chat WhatsApp feature, you can check out the FAQ section of the messaging app

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Part 2 Download OneDrive Files to Android on Mac; Part 1 Save OneDrive Files to Android Step 1 Select Photos/Videos/Files Connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi hotspot, or turn on mobile data. Then open OneDrive on your Android phone and sign in to your account. In OneDrive, select a photo/video/file. Next, hit the button Save at the bottom The easiest way to backup WhatsApp is with the built-in feature that lets you save your chats to either iCloud or Google Drive — on iOS or Android, respectively. Simply go into settings. Part 2: Transfer Photos from Computer to WhatsApp via Emails When you desire to get rid of the problem of how to send photos from PC to WhatsApp, you may come out with Emails. It is one direct and traditional way that can help you in sending almost all kinds of attachments to others or yourself, such as songs, photos, videos, pdf, apps and etc Make Copies and Save Space by Transferring Your Photos to Your Computer By using one of the methods we outlined in this guide, you will be able to transfer photos from your Android device to your.

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For exporting text message on Android devices there is a helpful program called SMS Backup+ that is a great tool to accomplish this task. The software works in conjunction with any Gmail email account to let users backup, save, and print their text messages. Detailed Steps to save text messages - Android. Make sure you have a Gmail email account Download WhatsApp Photos to Computer. We can watch the Media folder of WhatsApp and as soon as a new file is added to that folder, it is automatically synced with Dropbox. MetaCtrl has Android apps for Dropbox, Google Drive and Box that can help here. Open your Dropbox and create a folder, say WhatsApp How to Download Photos and Videos from WhatsApp Web. To download any type of photo such as JPG, PNG, etc. from WhatsApp Web, open the chat in WhatsApp Web from where you want to download the image. Email is another easy way to move your WhatsApp data from an Android to your iPhone. But you can only do this by transferring your chats one after the other which could end up taking up all of your time. Here's how to go about it; On your Android device, open WhatsApp and select the WhatsApp chat you'd like to transfer to the iPhone

To back up certain photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra to the computer, please double click the specific album to open an album. Select multiple photos you'd like to transfer to your PC and click on the Export button on the menu bar to start the transfer process Well, these are the best app to help you organize your images better on the Android phone. Google Photos is also one of the best apps to use here and needless to say it comes pre-installed on many phones already. This app is most intelligent and advanced galley app that can even search with emoji Open WhatsApp on your Android device.; Open the Chat. Tap the Emoji icon on the text field.; Switch to the Stickers tab by tapping the Sticker icon from the bottom.; Tap the Star icon to see all the favorite stickers collection.; Tap any of the saved Memoji Stickers to send them to the contact you are texting currently.; You can similarly send multiple Memojis and Animojis as WhatsApp Stickers. Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to Android. WhatsApp have kindly provided all the tools you need to be able to do this. First, create a backup of your WhatsApp messages, then restore the backup to your new device. Easy, right? Let's see how: Open WhatsApp on your Android device. Tap the Menu icon > Settings Attaching files to email on Android can be a little tedious, as most of the time you're limited to attaching only photos and videos, especially when using the Gmail app for Android No, don't' restart your phone multiple times. Don't even think about resetting your phone. Actually, don't even use your phone so you're sure that the lost data will not be overwritten by new ones. Just sit back, relax, and read further. Android Data Recovery Recover deleted messages, photos, contacts, videos, WhatsApp and so on