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¡Los Mejores Precios! Compruébalo y Encuentra las Mejores Ofertas Actualizadas Dream about Killing Two Headed Snake is a hint for a timeless tradition. You are in horror over something. You are confident and self-assured in your decisions and accomplishments. Your dream is an indication for your ambition, struggles and competitive nature. You are going through some sort of transformation

If you suffered from oneirophobia (fear of nightmares) due to the two headed snake, then in real life the same fear will be experienced in your dreams. To be chased by a two headed snake foretells a traumatic experiences from the past. Once you accept what's happened and move one your fear and your nightmares will stop Killing a snake in a dream means marriage. Tapeworms or other intestinal worms in a dream represent one's relatives and their children. Seeing snake s eating on one's table in a dream means separation between friends. Desert snake s in a dream represent highway robbers two headed snake dream meaning JUMP DOWN TO READ THE MEANINGS NOW, also read individual symbolism of two, headed, snake, and also use synonyms in search engine of dreams' dictionary, that is for proper understanding of meanings' interpretations for dream about two headed snake

If the dream does kill the snake, it is a symbol of success against nearby enemies both visible and hidden. Walking dreamed about snake s that are moving on the ground is a sign that will live in fear of attack or disease. A dead snake dream means that after fights, insults, etc., all will end in rancor and hatred unsolvable Dreams about killing a snake can be a sign that the danger in your life has been gotten rid of. When you have this type of dream, this is a sign of troubles in your life that has disappeared or vanished automatically If you saw a cat killing a snake in your dream, it denotes your strong personality, resourcefulness, and great potential. The killing a snake and cat is rather an unusual dream and it can signify that you are two-faced people and you can't handle injustice. Your dream is a reflection of your unique skills and great abilities If one sees himself wearing the skin of a snake in a dream, it means that he will unmask his enmity toward others. Killing a snake in a dream and staining one's hands with its blood means destroying one's enemy. A snake in one's dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money

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Seeing a dream where you are killing a snake is often told like a good omen. If you see a dream such as this it could mean that you now have the capability to overcome the problems in your life. Cutting off the head of a snake and killing it means that you can easily get over the problems If you kill a Two-Headed or Multi-Headed snake in your dream, then it means that you are prepared for all the challenges to come and is ready for upcoming threats in your life. But if that snake was chasing you, then it means you are not ready for anything worse to happen than the current situation According to professional dream analyst and author Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, snakes — a common dream archetype — typically represent a person in the dreamer's life who exhibits low, dirty, toxic, or poisonous behavior. However, they can also represent something related to health or healing. Regardless of what you imagine the snake might. Must-read if you had dream of snakes! 7 ways for happiness. 1. Dream of a white snake is the best dream 2. Dream of catching a snake is an implication for getting economic fortune 3. Dream of a snake casting skin means an improvement of vitality 4. Dream of killing a snake means success 5 If you see a two-headed snake in your dream, then it refers to cooperation and teamwork in some relationship. To dream of a snake without a head or without any eyes implies that you are refusing to see the danger in a situation. Alternatively, it means that you are being blindsided. Killing a snake in a dream means marriage

Two Headed Snake Symbol Published: April 17, 2021 - Written By: The Dreamer - Posted In: symbolism The double headed snake is a highly misunderstood symbol representing renewal, rebirth, transformation and energy The dream of killing a snake that is so big symbolizes that you have found the power to solve big problems. It may take time, but you have finally found the courage to get out of an awkward situation. Take advantage of this opportunity. For significant achievements in our lives, it takes courage to take the initiative The text describes two dreams: one of a snake biting the dreamer, and the other of a person biting or eating a snake. The former is understood to portend the curing of an ailment or disease; the latter is interpreted as an omen of blessing with material wealth or children

For example, python snakes are known to be the largest breed snakes in the world. We also know they kill their prey by suffocating them. It could be that this dream of a python is representing some kind of large force is trying to suffocate or strangle. This, of course, depends on the context of the dream Dream about A Dog Killing A Snake is a premonition for qualities and feelings of somebody that you desire for yourself. You also need to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you. You need to get up and exercise more! Your dream points to your quest for knowledge and understanding If you kill a black snake in your dream it can mean you conquer something bad in your real life. This kind of black snake dream can be a sign or head up on something to occur. Black color in a dream can mean bad news, something evil. The black snake can also represent someone who is trying to come between you and your couple Two Headed Snake dream interpretations. Snake Dream Explanation — Becoming a snake in a dream means being contemptible against one's own religion. Seeing oneself as a half-snake half-human in a dream means being able to neutralize half of the enemy's power. Discovering a snake skin which is made from gold in a dream means that one will. A snake in one's dream also represents a rich enemy, for its poison means money. If one sees snakes being killed in the streets in a dream, it means a war. A small snake in a dream represents a little child. Hunting snakes in a dream means tricking or deceiving one's enemies. A black snake in a dream represents a strong enemy

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two headed snake dream interpretations To dream about a cat symbolizes bad luck if you don't kill it, but in case you do, or if the cat flees, then it suggests that you'll be successful in your affairs and will control your enemies. To dream that a cat attacks you suggests that your enemies will soon damage both your reputation and your. I never saw the head of 1st snake and it was always just laying there. The 2nd snake was two headed. It was never aggressive but it was eating our beloved pets for food. They never came after a human until we tried to kill the two headed snake. Then the 2nd snake struck only in defense. My neighbor killed the two headed snake

Another possible route for snake imagery in dreams is the two-headed snake. This could be a snake that has a head at each end, or it could be a snake with two heads at the same end—the meaning is much the same. The two-headed snake is a classic sign of conflict. You aren't sure which direction to take, much like a snake that's pulling in. In Hindu mythology, snake dreams that induce fear symbolize enemies. It is also a warning against physical harm. . Seeing many snakes in a pit in the dream is a symbol of bad luck. Killing a threatening snake in the dream indicates victory over an adversary. . Snake dreams could mean dangerous enemies who pose harm to your life and reputation

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Snake with many heads dream meanings. The one of best familiar animals have been encountered in the adventures of the dreams is, without exception, a multi-headed snake. Dreaming about snake with two or many more heads is bewildering since these mystical characters of dream are able to have conflicting connotations - pessimistic or optimistic The text describes two dreams: one of a snake biting the dreamer, and the other of a person biting or eating a snake. The former is understood to portend the curing of an ailment or disease; the latter is interpreted as an omen of blessing with material wealth or children

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1 Green Snakes in Dreams Usually Come as a Warning. 2 List of The Biblical Meaning of Green Snakes in Dreams. 2.1 Bad intentions and deceit. 2.2 Fear. 2.3 Killing one in your dream. 2.4 Sexual Desire. 2.5 Alcohol or drug problems. 2.6 Transformation. 2.7 A friendly reminder about cleanliness According to Tantra treatise snake is the symbol of kundalini (Life-power according to Vedas). What is the reason? By the appearance of God-the-Preceptor in dream the Kundalini awakens with great power and the man's body shakes with great intensit.. Killing snakes in a dream. The meaning of killing snakes in a dream is not that different from the meaning of killing a snake in real life. When you kill a snake in your dream, it symbolizes that you have the energy and determination to deal with fear. In dreams, death symbolizes the end of something Before using the BuildingBeautifulSouls.com Dream Dictionary or the snake dream meanings in this article, take a few minutes and read Learn to Interpret The Meaning of Dreams.It will help you to be better able to analyze your dreams.. Most importantly to snake dream interpretation is to consider how you feel upon waking from the dream. Were you terrified, hopeful, amused, angry, sexually.

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  1. Killing snakes for the no reason will drive away the life giving rains and cause a drought. Do not kill a snake with your hand or your hand will swell up. Do not pick up things between two fingers because only snakes do that. Do not step on a snake because your legs will swell up or get crooked. Do not watch snakes mating or you will go blind
  2. Last night had a dream where by my brother was trying to kill two rattle snake .Then I went there to found out what was happening when I got there only to find two rattles the other side ,so I told my brother leave them and go home as we were trying to go home only to find two other rattles stack on my dress making the number 6 I removed them with hands and put them on the ground and they were.
  3. g of it in a good way means you will soon have victory over your enemies as you are guarded by the blessings of five-headed snake. It also means that your kundal..
  4. d. The two types are (1) getting bitten by a snake (2) eating or swallowing or biting a snake
  5. If you see a two-headed snake in your dream, then it refers to cooperation and teamwork in relationship. In a dream if you see a snake and feel feared this also indicates your real life fear of of sex, intimacy or commitment. To see a snake in dream also indicates that in your life someone is around you whom you can not trust its warning sign

Snakes, a Symbol of Sexuality. I had snakes (cobra) in my dreams for 4 days continuously. I would like to know that this signifies. Well, generally snakes are predominantly a symbol of fear and also a sexual symbol. They say every woman dreams of snakes at least once in her life and the interpretation is often fear of a rival or fear of the. hi, i had a dream about 2 snakes dis morning.1 was long &- other was small but thick. in my dream, i was in a metro station, nobody was entering that station but i was not aware of the reason. having nothing in mind i went inside &- saw a snake, a long one running after me, i tricked him &- made it jump off the roof &- boldly came outside. with no reason, i went inside that station. If the unmarried dreams about being bitten by a snake and killing the snake but it revives, it suggests that the dreamer will find the ideal lover. Killing a Snake Dreaming about killing a snake suggests that you have firmly seized every opportunity to increase profits or have kept a watchful eye on other's successful operation, you will feel.

She says: A snake appearing in a dream can symbolise a person we don't trust. When snakes show themselves, we often see their true colours. Snakes often appear in the grass in our dreams, or. Symbolic Interpretation of Seeing Snakes in Unusual Forms in a Dream. A two-headed snake (often a green one) reflects your conflicting views about someone. A three-headed snake (white in most dreams) is a sign of vitality and strength. A four-headed snake denotes mental stability and hard work. A five-headed snake represents spontaneity and. The color of the snake that bites you in a dream can impart a lot of information as to what your snake bite dream means, so don't dismiss the color of the snake when interpreting your dream. Dreaming of a white snake is about the connection between your physical and spiritual self The symbolism in a snake dream is primarily anchored in the personal life of the dreamer. Because the snake is a powerful symbol in many traditions and cultures, a snake dream can also be influenced by a wider meaning given to the snake or serpent in one's culture. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

A RARE but deadly two-headed snake was spotted in India last week. The 11cm-long (4in) reptile was found outside a home by shocked local Dimple Shah in the Kalyan district of Maharashtra state on The anaconda dream has a close association with what happens in your waking life. It will affect your life depending on how it behaves in the dream. For example, if the anaconda snake bites you or lashes at you in the dream, this means that there's a venomous person in your waking life. Such a person is working hard for your downfall The keywords of this dream: Monkey Eating Two Headed Snake Acquiring But Not Eating The Fruits Of Jannah Acquiring the fruits of Jannah but not eating them or not having the ability to eat them means he will acquire deen but he will not profit from it Cobra: The presence of a snake (or snakes) in a dream presents many possibilities for symbolism, but the type of snake narrows down the possibilities. A cobra is one of the deadliest and most feared snakes in the world, so in dreams the cobra is likely to represent something that causes fear or is perceived as a danger In my dream my Father and I are fixing something in the aquarium then sudenly after I turn my head to the other side of the house I see a two snake, the snake is a violet cobra and the other is a water type snakes that has a color of white and black stripes then after I scream my Father immediately go to me and kill those snakes

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  1. Finally, the dream of a fox might reference the notion that there's a fox in your midst. In other words, you trusting someone you shouldn't and, in doing so, it's just like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse. And now you know about the cute-but-oh-so-cunning fox and the shrewd messages he conveys through your dreams
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  4. To dream that you kill a crow implies that you are unable to or refuse to give up a habit. TOP. To see a two-headed duck in your dream suggests that you need to be more grounded. You need to thoroughly think through some emotional issue. relaxation and ease. This dream symbol may also appear as a pun on two can. In other words, two.
  5. Chapter 2: Snakes. Animals of various kinds appear in spiritually meaningful dreams. Birds, dogs, bears, wolves, fish, and even insects have come in people's dreams to deliver important messages from the divine. But the animal that makes perhaps the most powerful spiritual impact in dreams is the snake. People from cultures all over the world.
  6. A dream about snakes is a warning that you are interacting one or more persons who cannot be trusted.Tip 1: If the dream is about 1 snake then the dream is..
  7. Dreams about reptiles could be related to some of our instinctive reactions and feelings. They could also be related to our sense of survival as well as some automatic reactions and needs that are unconscious. Because they shed their skin periodically, reptiles in our dreams could indicate the inevitable changes we need to go through and accep

Black is the darkest of all colors and to dream of black can have a number of different meanings. It is often a color associated with loneliness, sadness, emptiness, mourning, and depression. The color black can often signify the unknown or mysteriousness. Black can also mean hatred, fear, anger, and darkness Then this dreams' dictionary is where you'll find an answer to your question, what does it really mean to dream about two headed dog. Below are all the interpretations and all the meanings of what you have dreamed about. Dreaming of a dog killing a snake announces good luck in the future NOTES: You'll notice that the multi-headed beings in the Visayas have become a snake,dragon or a serpent, and is not always the main antagonist. The Hinilawod or Sugidanon is very unique to Panay and reflects the history, values, and environment of the island, but are also very reminiscent of other epics, including the Ramayana Millones de productos. Envío gratis con Amazon Prime. Compara precios

If you see a two-headed snake in your dream it refers to cooperation and teamwork in a relationship. If you dream of 'killing' that snake (no matter the method), it signifies your desire to end. Complete meanings of the two headed snakes dream's symbols. Hydra (Many-Headed Serpent) / Snakes / Snakes / Drill / Ferris Wheel / Driving / Boa, cobra and snake / Light / To dream that you kill one, shows that you will overcome difficulties and enemies, and be successful in love, trade, and farming, but unsuccessful at sea..

Dead snake in a dream is a positive sign meaning that either you've overcome a problem or difficult situation in life or you'll in the future. Snake with two-heads or multi-heads. Dreaming about a two-headed or multi-headed snake means suppressed fears and complications in your present life Killing a Snake: the act of killing a snake in your dreams is an act of representing that you are or need to overcome your fears or the enemies you may currently have. Yellow Snake: Often a spiritual interpretation - a yellow snake represents intelligence, wisdom, creativity and intuition The dream of killing a venomous snake indicates that someone is trying to hurt you and trip you. It's a representation of the figure of a venomous snake in a dream. However, when you dream of killing this snake, you can see the future, you will overcome this situation and win the fight. Killing a snake is an indication that there are no. Killing A Snake. If you dream about killing a snake in a dream, then you defeat your enemies in real life, but be careful because you are still being watched. Being cautious will help you detect early signs of betrayal. If the serpent in the dream is already dead, it means you have already defeated your enemies 5 A black snake in a dream. 6 Light-colored/yellow snake in a dream. 7 A snake that ignores you in a dream. 8 Fear of being bitten by a snake in a dream. 9 Seeing a dead snake in a dream. 10 Seeing a large number of snakes. When a snake symbol appears in a dream, it indicates that something significant is happening in the unconscious

Two dreams that are specifically mentioned in the Swapna Shastra that demands attention are - Snake biting the person who is having dream and the second one is the person biting or eating a snake. Another important factor that is mentioned is a person receiving wealth if he sees snake standing with its hood open A green coiled snake dream indicates that the opportunity will transcend beyond your expectations. However, it would be best if you acted swiftly. Ascending Snake Dream. When you have a white snake dream that seems to be drifting upwards, it is a positive symbol. These creatures represent healing, transformation, knowledge, and wisdom 6 Then the LORD sent venomous snakes among them; they bit the people and many Israelites died. 7 The people came to Moses and said, We sinned when we spoke against the LORD and against you. Pray that the LORD will take the snakes away from us. So Moses prayed for the people. 8 The LORD said to Moses, Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live. Snakes or snakes dream is not only unpleasant, but usually harbinger of problems caused by lies, deceit, betrayal and sex, depending on how they dream.To dream that a snake attacks and becomes entangled in the body of the dreamer can mean being the victim of intrigues and soon suffer attacks of enemies, all of which can end up in prison for the dreamer (many of these problems are their own fault)

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Last Updated on March 20, 2020 Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is one of the most common and striking snake dreams.While the dreamer is likely to wake up scared or confused about the meaning of such a dream, a general interpretation considers snake bite imagery in dreams as a precious warning or wake up call regarding your waking life Snake in Dreams. Snakes represent enemies and the things you fear in real life. When you dream about snakes, be more cautious in the waking hours. It is a foreboding feeling that a bad turn of events can happen suddenly as a snake would strike rapidly on its unsuspecting prey. You will feel betrayal from people you least expect A meaning of the snakes in your dream depends on many factors, such as the type and the color of a snake, what a snake is doing in your dreams, is it a wild or a pet snake, etc. Dreams about snakes are usually terrifying, but in most cases they don't have a negative meaning, so there's no need to worry The snake is an animal that is viewed with caution all over the world. The sight of one can instinctively arouse fear in many. So much so that there is a scientific term specifically coined that refers to this phobia called ophiophobia. There are actually people who are so horrified of snakes that they cannot even bring themselves to look at pictures of the serpent. Even though about 20% of. Snakes. To dream of a poisonous snake represents feelings about corruption or contamination. Snakes in dreams also tend to reflect a person's fear of total failure or serious losses. Feelings about a person or problem totally permanently ruining you. A dangerous or tricky problem you want to avoid

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Snakes - even their thought can slither down your spine. Women, in particular, are not very fond of this animal and still, it remains one of the animals who we dream of quite often. If you talk. The dark side of snakes in dreams. When the snake appears in your dream leaves you with a negative feeling, make sure you consider positive meanings as well. The snake spirit animal often appears in dreams as a warning about personal struggles and the need to pay attention to things or events that are escaping your field of awareness

Rarely, some people dream about purple colored snakes. Almost always, they represent love and passion. Orange means family. Sometimes, a snake will appear with an orangish color. Almost always, this is symbolic of someone close, like a parent, child or sibling. White means purity and innocence Eastern Mud Snakes have reputation of being incredibly docile and rarely bite when handled A two-headed snake, in contrast, may symbolize a cooperative relationship. me and my friend jumped of the tables and searched for something to kill the snake with,as we were looking a turned back to se the snake turned into a small toddler,with blond hair. If the snake in your dream was cold and sluggish, this could mean you feel bored sexually. Zebras; No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes, therefore, they are unique creatures. To dream about a zebra is an encouraging sign to expand your creativity to the next level. These are just a few dreams about animals Two men, called Armayel and Garmayel, seek to rescue people from being killed from the snakes by learning cookery and becoming Zahhāk's royal chefs. Each day, Armayel and Garmayel save one of the two men by sending him off to the mountains and faraway plains, and substitute the man's brain with that of a sheep

Snake Dream. Snake Dream Interpretation and Meaning: A snake in a dream symbolizes something difficult, contradictory or complex of interpreting as it's recognize diverse cultures. To dream of a snake represents.. Snakes were often the personification of river deities, such as the River Acheloüs, which was a bull-headed snake, or capable of changing shape, first into a bull and then into a snake. Heracles wrestled with the snake , then it transformed itself into a bull, and he tore off one of its horns, which the nymphs threw into the river, where it. Dreaming about a 3 headed snake: lack of self-confidence. Dreaming about a 3 headed snake reveals that you are a confusing and unique person. You're full of duality. You have two faces. Dreaming about a 3 headed snake signifies that you have a deep personality that can sometimes be hard to stick to He looked like a snake but we called it an alligator. My sister killed it. ask help to kill it because it went outside so people got to kill but I see it begging for help from me so it was not kill I dream it today January 11 2021 I had a dream about alligators on two different occasions. The first, I was walking with my fam and told.

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Protect me from fiery serpents ( Deuteronomy 8:15 ). I bind and rebuke every serpent that would try to twist or coil around my life in the name of Jesus. I bind and rebuke every python that would try to squeeze out my prayer life in the name of Jesus. I bind and rebuke every cobra that would come against me in the name of Jesus While snakes with two heads alongside each other have been found in the wild before, this one has a head on each end of its body - and they appear to take shifts on which one is in control White Snake Dream Interpretation - Snakes are one of the most important symbols of primal energy of the psyche. It is sacred to the divine healer Asclepius, of ancient Greece, who has embodied the daemon of genius intertwined with a black and white snake on his staff. Snakes are hidden forces, often dark and cold that often accomplishes the miracle of cure The snakes represent death, unexpected death or death arising from misfortune. The Vedas extol Rudra or Shiva as the healer, the god of medicines who protects and rescues his worshippers from death and destruction caused by snakes and snakebites. Snakes are symbolized as destructive and deadly arrows used in warfare We're not surprised, either, for two-headed snakes only appear once every fifty years. That might be a good thing, though, as it's not something you'd want to find lurking in your backyard while you dabble in a little afternoon gardening. 9. Dream Snake . If you're a snake lover, then you're going to love the dream snake

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Dreams about tigers might remind you to be more responsible and take on more responsibilities. If the tiger didn't bother you in the dream, such dream usually indicates currently being at the right place in your life. Dreams About Tigers - Interpretation and Meaning. Dreaming about you being a tiger The two-headed black rat snake that lived for close to 20 years at Burghardt's lab had two complete throats and stomachs. Pictures of the ladder snake in Spain show two completely separated heads. Like any animal dream, snakes in dreams can have a wide variety of meanings. Despite the fear they arouse, snakes in dreams are actually usually complex and. Two-headed snakes don't survive long. As one of the creatures with the highest instances of polycephaly, you'd think that more two-headed snakes would survive and spread in the wild. However, they don't really last long since the two heads compete for food and tend to attack the other. Another one for disturbing yet sad snake facts

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Snake Omen. To see two snakes fighting denotes a quarrel between the beholder and his relatives; To see two snakes making off in the same direction forebodes poverty. One snake swallowing another is a sign of famine. The entrance of a snake into a house denotes wealth to the householder ; but just the reverse if it is seen departing from a house Two Snake Dream 9/23/1999 I was in a building with two other men. I had a black rat snake around my neck about the size of Splinter, about 5 feet long. I saw the snake and was not concerned. I walked outside the men followed me. I turned the black snake loose on the ground beside the building and walked away

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Then you kill the snake, and bury it in the person's yard, and the person gets sicker and sicker each day. Because of the hair, the person is tied to the snake. Ohio is the home of the best-known serpent effigy mound in North America. Although no one is certain why the Serpent Mound was created, it's possible that it was in homage to the great. Whenever a creature has two (or more) heads and the ability to talk, each head will have its own distinct personality. In more comedic series, the heads will often argue with each other over which course of action to take. Sub-Trope of Conjoined Twins. Sometimes overlaps with Belly Mouth. 1 Advertising 2 Anime & Manga 3 Comic Books 4 Comic Strips 5 Films -- Animation 6 Films -- Live-Action 7. Eastern brown snakes are normally much more formidable foes. Their venom also contains neurotoxins, but one which can kill a human being in 15 minutes. (Learn more about the world's most toxic. Nobody thought twice about killing a snake since they are legless squirmy inhuman creatures: Humans like things that have 2 or 4 legs and walk about while standing up. But the real problem comes in the following scene -- inexplicably described as hilarious by a reviewer somewhere else -- when the two leads run over what appeared to be. Nov 3, 2011 - A two-headed albino Honduran milk snake is shown in Ridge Manor, Florida. Snake of this species are normally orange and black. Daniel Parker, a University of Central Florida biologist, says two-headed..

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The Eagle is the God of light Amun-Ra (or the Sun God Horus), symbolizing wisdom. Alternately, it stood for courage, power, and immortality. Hinduism. In India, the symbolic eagle of Vedic mythology is Garuda, the serpent-swallower that often serves as transport of Vishnu and is known to have fought with the snake, Kalia Jun 18, 2012 - Snakes with two heads are rare. Its called Polycephaly, a condition of having more than one head. Snakes with two heads are rare. Its called Polycephaly, a condition of having more tha

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Snakes (also known as serpents) are an important motif in Chinese mythology.There are various myths, legends, and folk tales about snakes. Chinese mythology refers to these and other myths found in the historical geographic area(s) of China.These myths include Chinese and other languages, as transmitted by Han Chinese as well as other ethnic groups (of which fifty-six are officially recognized. Dream About Sheep. Sheep symbolizes wealth and the gentle image of sheep often predicts a happy life. If you are a man, the dream of sheep suggests that you will make a fortune and should seize opportunities around. If you are a woman, the dream about sheep suggests conjugal harmony, family happiness and living together with your husband till old The elephant in dreams is a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness, and intellect. Depending on the context of the elephant that appears within the dream, they can have different interpretations. Seek all the interpretations and analysis here now to find one that can most fit your waking situation

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