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Read Jane's Story About One Simple Trick To End Severe Bad Vaginosis. Emuaid can help treat bacterial infections like Vaginosi If infrequent showering were simply the cause of BV, most of us would smell like fucking roses down there. I'd start by just telling him how pervasive vaginal infections are and the difficultly in treating them. It's not because you're dirty, or loose, it's an infection by bacteria like a cold and requires medical treatment The reviews seem like it's a decent productbut does anyone else find it annoying that they are marketing that vaginal odor is a myth? They phrase it as the odor is actually coming from your groin and butt and listen, I've had my fair share of BV and yeast. Those weird smells are definitely coming from my V My recurrent BV was caused by tampons and plastic pads. Try boric acid. You can read about the treatment here. Read VaginaPagina's definitive webpage on BV and see if I forgot anything. They have a ton of advice about having sex, using tampons, and everything else you could think of doing while you have BV. 1 It's white/very light yellow and smells normal I think. (Not a bed of roses, but not fishy or horrid. Sort of a mild sour, like sweat.) The consistency still varies from creamy to watery depending on where I am in my cycle, but there are always bubbles. No other symptoms (no pain, itching, redness or anything)

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  1. A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things — flowers isn't one of them. this common tool that cleans the vagina might actually cause bacterial vaginosis instead
  2. The painful itching and burning symptoms of BV and yeast infections can be alleviated with a sitz bath or cold or warm compresses. To solve an infection as the cause of internal (or vaginal) odor, antibiotics are the only thing that can bring you back to full recovery. But if you're experiencing external, day-to-day odor that mimics BV odor.
  3. If it tastes/smells like fish, she needs to see her gyno and get checked for bacterial vaginosis (bv). - Via Reddit. 38. Like an Oyster I find the vagina a tiny bit salty, almost like an oyster. An oyster doesn't have much taste but has a salty aftertaste That's what a vagina tastes like..
  4. Bacterial vaginosis is a very common vaginal infection. Learn about the causes, symptoms, risk factors, and treatments, plus how to get rid of BV in one day
  5. Yup, you read that right. I inserted boric acid into my va-jay-jay to cure bacterial vaginosis, and let's just say ughhhh. After reading article after article touting the benefits of boric acid.
  6. She is a wonderful woman, but as you have surely guessed, she has a vaginal odor that is a significant, disturbing problem for me, a man who is sensitive to smells, and who even sprays perfume on his bed to sleep in. Living in the aura of a bad smell is, for me, intolerable. Finally, the reason for my inquiry: M had a hysterectomy prior.
  7. It really wasn't that weird after all. For all my worrying and stressing over getting down and dirty with an uncircumcised man, it really wasn't that big of a deal after all. Visually, it was different than any penis I had previously seen, but when it came to actually having sex, there was very little I could find that was immediately different

Because BV can cause a foul-smelling odor, many women mistakenly believe it is due to poor hygiene. This is a myth. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ that does not require douches, soaps, or. What does BV smell like? Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection. The most common symptom of BV is a foul-smelling, fishy odor coming from the vagina. Some women also experience itching, burning, or an unusual gray discharge. Antibiotics can treat most cases of BV. What happens if BV is left untreated BV can smell like garbage, fish, poop, and some other stank I cant figure out, my cousin has even said hers has smelled like rusty wire, the longer you leave it the stinkier and wetter you get, now I have been taking RepHresh Pro-B and the RepHresh Douch and the wetness is gone i feel fresh again and the smell is gone, sometimes I notice a. The most notable feature of the vaginal discharge from bacterial vaginosis is the smell. Dr. Morgan says, Women may report a fishy odor that is more noted after intercourse or during their menstrual cycle. Rarely does BV alone cause any vaginal irritation or burning.. Bare in mind that BV doesn't necessarily produce any symptoms at all Gonorrhea: Bloody discharge with a fishy smell or mushroom-like odor is a common symptom of Gonorrhea. The odor becomes intense after sex. Trichomoniasis: Also known as 'Tric' is commonly associated with an intense pungent fishy odor. The odor of Trichomoniasis is pronounced as too intense, more than Chlamydia (bacterial vaginosis

BV can make your vagina smell like onions, so if you notice gray unusual discharge along with the onion smell, that could be a sign you've got BV. What to do about it: BV usually goes away on its. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in the vagina. The reason for this shift is not well understood, but it's likely related to changes in the vaginal environment Wikimedia Commons. But for those who do show symptoms, Christina Muzny, Ph.D., an infectious disease specialist at the University of Alabama, explains that there's no single symptom that is a.

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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an abnormal vaginal condition that is characterized by vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina. It is not a true bacterial infection but rather an imbalance of the bacteria that are normally present in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is not dangerous, but it can cause disturbing symptoms A fishy smell. No sex smell should be bad or fishy. If that's what you're smelling, reach out to your doctor, because it could be a sign of a bacterial imbalance like bacterial vaginosis, says. They are packed with the good fats and they can do wonders for your body. However, just like everything else in life — all the good stuff come with a price: your sperm will smell like a dead fish. 4. Bacterial vaginosis The smell of vagina can change from a normal odor to a quite unpleasant smell that may interfere with the quality of life Yellow or green discharge can be a sign of an infection, like an STD or bacterial vaginosis, and very thick white discharge could mean you have a yeast infection. Don't worry too much about other people noticing the way your vulva smells. Generally other people won't be able to smell it at all unless they get very close to your vulva, like. Because semen is a bodily fluid, it does have a characteristic smell. Semen is slightly alkaline (the opposite of acidic) on the pH scale, and many people consider semen to smell like bleach or.

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  1. Bacterial Vaginosis: Discharge can have foul-smell with the color of grayish-white. After sexual intercourse, the odor can be described as fish-like. Yeast Infection: Itchiness is the most obvious symptoms; also there will be white, thick and cottage-cheese-like discharge
  2. Exactly what it smells like depends upon the acidic pH of the region, though — genitals aren't meant to smell like a freaking flower garden, but particularly gross smells indicate an unbalanced pH. While this might be caused by certain soaps or diets, it can also be caused by infections like bacterial vaginosis
  3. This smell is often related to an infection, such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis. Bacterial vaginosis is a common vaginal infection caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina
  4. Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis With Diet. In the same way fermented pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut foster the growth of good bacteria by maintaining an acidic environment, so does the human vagina. The normal pH of one's vagina is that of tomato juice. However, once it starts creeping up to that of coffee, an overgrowth of bad bacteria can.
  5. Bacterial vaginosis is a condition in which there is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in the vagina. Because BV can cause a fishy-smelling discharge or smell to the vagina, women with BV may think that their urine smells fishy. Other Symptoms. The main symptom of BV is a liquidy, gray or whitish discharge that smells fishy
  6. Bacterial vaginosis — an overgrowth of normally occurring vaginal bacteria — is the most common vaginal infection that causes a vaginal odor. Trichomoniasis — a sexually transmitted infection — also can lead to vaginal odor. Chlamydia and gonorrhea infections usually don't cause vaginal odors. Neither do yeast infections

Even though these are said to make your vag smell like a paradise island it may also cause infection which makes things less appealing. Better to just stick to the good 'ol soap and water. Filed Under: Women's Health. Helping hand. We offer a helping hand when it comes to tightening your vagina. Our Pages Boiling. One way to clean sex toys is to drop them in hot water. As a general rule, if the toy is constructed from silicone, Pyrex, or stainless steel and it's not motorized, then its best to. Sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis causing green, yellow, or gray discharge with a foul odor. This can also be accompanied by pain in the pelvic area. Bacterial infections (bacterial vaginosis) that result in that fishy, foul smell. Change in estrogen levels due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause Solosec has an average rating of 5.6 out of 10 from a total of 128 ratings on Drugs.com. 40% of users who reviewed this medication reported a positive effect, while 33% reported a negative effect. Reviews may be moderated to correct grammar/spelling or remove inappropriate language

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  1. What Does Vagina Fluid Taste Like? Vagina could be sweet or acidic, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. Products That Makes The Vagina Taste And Smell Good. helping prevent infections such as UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections — plus the extra dose of calcium in yoghurt can help improve symptoms of PMS, according to research
  2. The keto diet [may] change your vaginal pH, which alters your vaginal odor — and it may not smell like roses. De Fazio added that such an imbalance also may cause women to encounter.
  3. Bacterial vaginosis tends to be seen in a vaginal pH >4.5, and yeast can happily grow within the normal range of vaginal pH (3.8-4.5). To the original post: I have been dealing with bacterial vaginosis and yeast since puberty. A lot of the time bacterial vaginosis is diagnosed as normal flora, but it can still cause problems
  4. Bacterial Vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis describes an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the vagina (as compared to the good bacteria that normally colonizes the vagina). Because BV can cause a foul-smelling discharge or smell in the vagina, women with BV may think that their urine smells like eggs or sulfur. Other Symptom

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Vaginitis. Vaginitis is a word for various disorders that cause inflammation or infection of the vagina. These can be caused by organisms like yeast, or by irritations from chemicals or sprays. Appointments 216.444.6601. Appointments & Locations. Have My Baby at Cleveland Clinic. Overview. Symptoms and Causes. Management and Treatment Like a lot of infections, trichomoniasis in men is a little different from trichomoniasis in women. For one thing, men rarely have symptoms. If they do, trichomoniasis symptoms in men may include: Discharge from your penis. The urge to pee more than usual. Pain or burning when you pee Vaginal discharge is not usually anything to worry about if it: You can get vaginal discharge at any age. The amount of discharge varies. You usually get heavier discharge during pregnancy, if you're sexually active or if you're using birth control. It's often slippery and wet for a few days between your periods (when you ovulate)

A fishy smell is often the sign of a bacterial infection, like bacterial vaginosis, and a rotten or garbage-like smell can be a sign that there's something in there that shouldn't be, like a. Vaginal pH levels are crucial to maintaining a healthy environment and preventing bacteria growth. Vaginal pH balance is somewhere between 4 and 4.5. This is on the pH scale, which measures how alkaline versus acidic something is between numbers 1 and 14. So technically, vaginal pH balance is acidic, which we'll go into later

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  1. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs when there are not enough good bacteria and too many harmful bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted infection
  2. Boric acid has been used for over 100 years to help and in some cases cure Bacterial Vaginosis. It works really well because it's an antiseptic and anti bacterial which means it will directly target the bacteria involved with BV rendering them useless.However, there are some people who say that taking boric acid could be dangerous and that you should just take antibiotics
  3. Any woman who has had bacterial vaginosis, or BV, knows all about this. BV is caused by an overgrowth of normal germs, and leads to increased vaginal discharge which often has a fishy smell
  4. If you begin to experience signs of a kidney infection, like blood in your urine, fever, or back pain, talk to your doctor right away. Experts: Dr. Jennifer Linehan, M.D
  5. For restoration and maintenance of vaginal acidity. Perfect before/after intimacy - supports vaginal odor. Promotes OPTIMAL VAGINAL HEALTH and candida support with candida balance and candida cleanse by method of balancing ph. No more female odor, female smell, vaginal discharge and bv with this daily supplement for women
  6. She recently explained to Insider, Foods change the pH of the body. When this happens, the body will emit certain odors. The keto diet [may] change your vaginal pH, which alters your vaginal odor — and it may not smell like roses. A high-fat diet, particularly saturated fat like on the keto diet, increases vaginal pH, and therefore [increases] the risk of bacterial vaginosis, she.

According to Healthline, reducing the smelly side effects brought forth by the keto diet can be achieved be: Slightly increasing your carb intake while remaining in a state of ketosis - e.g. if. So I took CBD the first time and it gave me SUCH relief for my anxiety. Like I wanted to cry because the difference is so noticeable for me with CBD. I felt so much peace. But of course I just have to start a new job around the same time and can't take CBD any longer because there's no guarantee with products and drug testing One in three girls will get BV at some point in her lifetime. BY HANNAH ORENSTEIN, AUG 23, 2017 Does something smell majorly off down there? Like, kind of fishy? It might be bacterial vaginosis, an infection so common that one in three girls will get it at some point during their lifetime I currently have BV. My GYN prescribed me a 7 day course of mentronidazole. Like others have previously stated, sex does increase the smell. I would advise to start your course of antibiotics ASAP to clear the infection before intercourse. It may be tempting to postpone for the guy you met, but I would honestly wait until your infection clears up

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  1. Difference #1: The bacterial vaginosis discharge color can be white, gray, yellow or greenish and is typically thin. Difference #2: There is not typically redness or inflammation around the vaginal opening or on the vulva, as with a yeast infection. Difference #3: BV tends to be uncomfortable rather than painful
  2. iva from Healthfare. I struggled with BV for a long time despite proper hygiene (no douching, water onl..
  3. In bacterial vaginosis, there's a deficiency of this healthy bacteria. On the other hand, in bacterial vaginosis, there is NOT a deficiency of antibiotics ! By replacing the bacteria in the vagina and getting the numbers of the bacteria up to where they should be, you can restore the flora, and do it naturally just with yogurt
  4. g out with a yellowish tint. Let's start.

Hopefully it is what the fonts above mentioned but I have experienced a time in high school where we went on a group trip and shared a hotel room. 2 of the girls were twins and when they came out of the shower, the entire bathroom smelled very musty Zero Taboos Genital & Perianal Wash maintains healthy bacterial flora in vagina, underarms, groins, and genitals. Its prebiotics, amino-acid, and citric acid remove all kinds of odors like S. epidermidis and S. hominis, and works for chronic yeast infections, UTIs or BV. 5. Basic Care Feminine Wash. Buy at Amazon 1. Eat foods that cause vaginal odor. Foods that smell strong and have spices have the potential to cause vaginal odor, such as coffee, onions, curries, and other spices. Consumption of red meat, milk and milk products, and excessive alcohol may also change the aroma of your vagina. A diet high in probiotics, such as whole wheat and vegetables. Bacterial infections: Excessive panties are always wet vaginal discharge can be caused due to bacterial vaginosis. The discharge is thin, grey coloured and smells like a fish. It also causes itching around the vagina. Having multiple sexual partners and frequent douching are the common causes of bacterial infection Bacterial vaginosis (usually just known as BV) is the most common vaginal infection in women ages 15-44, per the CDC, and it happens when there is too much of certain bacteria in your vagina. This.

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Just like all other living things that eat, bacteria give off gaseous waste (basically a fart) and that gaseous waste is the odor that you smell or your vaginal odor. About 50% of women have bacteria down there that multiply and fart at a more rapid rate that they experience the vaginal odor, while other women may not This issue arises when the bad bacteria in your vagina outweigh the good bacteria. Bacterial Vaginosis can be identified by symptoms of burning and itching of the vagina, as well as a grayish discharge that gives off a fishy smell. It is typically treatable with antibiotics but may go away on its own as well I've had bacterial vaginosis (BV) on and off for many years like so many women have been experiencing it. Every single time it could be a mix of different symptoms - discharge, itch or smell or even all three. So it's pretty frustrating especially when looking online for answers and there's always a mix of symptoms Boric acid is an extremely effective natural cure for BV, or bacterial vaginosis, when used properly. A number of factors can offset the balance of the healthy pH of the vagina including menstrual flow, semen, and soap. As the pH becomes alkaline, the natural bacterial environment of the vagina also becomes upset and often results in bacterial.

Patients with vulvar melanoma can have many of the same symptoms as other vulvar cancers, such as: A lump. Itching. Pain. Bleeding or discharge. Most vulvar melanomas are black or dark brown, but they can be white, pink, red, or other colors. They can be found throughout the vulva, but most are in the area around the clitoris or on the labia. Apr 27, 2021. Double penetration, or when a person is penetrated at the same time in two of their orifices (as in vagina, anus, or mouth), might seem like one of those fantasy porn things you'd.

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In general, a normal pH for the vagina is between a 3.8 and a 4.5, although it might be higher if you're going through menopause. To compare, battery acid is a one, and lemon juice is about a. Ass licking, also known as analingus or a rim job, is a popular sexual activity. Curious to know how it feels? We asked 10 people to share their experiences You can wear leggings to the gym or as a fashion statement. You can even don this versatile piece from the yoga studio straight to Sunday brunch. Yes, leggings can be both comfy and cute. Still, there's some things you should know. This is what happens to your body when you wear leggings every day Smelly discharge. A fishy smell from the vagina with a watery greyish discharge is often a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is not sexually transmitted and can be treated with antibiotics.BV can be caused by washing the vagina with perfumed products, or from douching (flushing out the inside of the vagina with water or a solution)

Bacterial vaginosis may be caused by the use scented soaps and vaginal douches, waxing and laser therapies. The use of certain agents can disrupt the normal growth of bacteria in the vagina, causing discharge to appear yellow in color as your body chemistry responds to what it may perceive as a threat The white grey or yellowish discharge with a fishy smell is not at all good. The gauge of smell is a personal one depending on how your lady parts usually smell. The most likely cause for this type of discharge is Bacterial Vaginosis. Bacterial Vaginosis is a mild infection caused by bacteria introduced into the reproductive system

1. Foreign Bodies in the Vagina. A foreign body that has been left in the vagina for a long time, such as a tampon, may result in a modification of the normal bacteriological flora of the vagina, subsequently causing the appearance of an malodourous yellow to green or brown vaginal discharge. Symptoms may include vaginal itching, green vaginal. The vagina is a truly fascinating orifice, and is uniquely designed to maintain its own health. Vaginal health primarily centers around maintaining an appropriate acidic pH of 3.8 to 4.5. To put that pH in perspective: ACIDIC = low pH. pH of 2 = stomach acid, lemon juice, vinegar. pH of 3 = orange juice, soda Mons pubis or mons (the mound of tissue above the pubic bone that is usually covered with pubic hair) Clitoris (located above the vagina and typically feels good when it is touched.The clitoral hoodis a small piece of skin that covers the clitoris) Urethra (opening to the urinary canal, where urine/pee comes out); Labia majora (larger pads of skin on either side of the vagina. BV is a polymicrobial clinical syndrome resulting from replacement of the normal hydrogen peroxide producing Lactobacillus sp. in the vagina with high concentrations of anaerobic bacteria (e.g., Prevotella sp. and Mobiluncus sp.), G. vaginalis, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, and numerous fastidious or uncultivated anaerobes.Some women experience transient vaginal microbial changes, whereas others.

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an overgrowth of anerobic bacteria in the vagina. The reason it smells like dead fish after intercourse or around menses is that the smell is released in an alkaline environment (and ejaculate and menstrual blood are more alkaline). Some women advocate an acidophilus douche treatment So, I am worried you have upset this balance in your vagina and caused an infection known as Bacterial Vaginosis. It is very common when someone has bacterial vaginosis (BV) that the fishy smell is worse after sex. Some women with BV do not have a discharge and only notice the smell after sex. Please get tested Boric Acid for Yeast Infections. Yeast infections are a common vaginal health condition. Vaginal colonization by Candida, the most common form of yeast associated with vaginal infections, is estimated at 20%. 1  This number goes up in late pregnancy as well as in people who are immunosuppressed, such as those with advanced HIV Vaginal yeast infection, also known as candidal vulvovaginitis and vaginal thrush, is excessive growth of yeast in the vagina that results in irritation. The most common symptom is vaginal itching, which may be severe. Other symptoms include burning with urination, a thick, white vaginal discharge that typically does not smell bad, pain during sex, and redness around the vagina Vaginal discharge during pregnancy. You may notice an increase in white creamy discharge early in pregnancy, due to higher levels of estrogen. White vaginal discharge (called leucorrhea) is nothing to worry about: This early pregnancy discharge is normal and can be clear to milky white, thin or thick, and mild-smelling or odorless

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) This is an infection that's caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. There's no specific cause for it, but along with redness and itchiness, you might notice discharge. Like taste, smell is a chemical sense. Receptors in your nose turn messages from smells received into electrical signals for the brain to interpret. You can smell food through your nose without tasting it but when you're eating, the smells also travel to the back of your nose from the back of your mouth A change in vaginal smell could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis or an STD. What else should I know about the side effects of keto? The truth is, going on a high-fat, low-carb diet can be a little. Urine could have foul, strong, or sweet smelling characteristics. The most common causes of bad smelling urine are dehydration, dietary changes, or a side-effect of medication. Less commonly, strong smelling urine can also be caused by infection, high blood sugar, or liver damage. Read below for more information on associated symptoms, other causes and foods that make your urine smell, and. White, gray, yellow, or greenish with a fishy smell — This may indicate bacterial vaginosis. Some other common symptoms include itching, pain, burning of the vagina or vulva, and a burning sensation when urinating or during sex

What does a Hysterectomy treat? It is a surgical procedure to treat diseases like fibroids, endometriosis, and cancers such as uterine and cervical cancers. How does a Hysterectomy affect my sex life? If only the uterus is removed, it often does not affect sexual activity. You just need to refrain from sex for about six weeks after the surgery Diagnosing BV involves four steps: A review of your medical history. A pelvic exam. Performing a pH test to check the level of acidity in the vagina. Taking a sample of vaginal secretions to check for the presence of bacteria by either looking for clue cells or using a gram stain technique Of all the clinical manifestations of bacterial vaginosis, it should be emphasized that at least half the women with bacterial vaginosis (BV) are asymptomatic. When symptomatic they complain of a malodorous vaginal discharge. The discharge may be minimal to fairly copious. Today's Top Picks for You on Infectious Disease Advisor

Many people do not notice a smell at all. When they do, they may describe a musky, salty, or slightly metallic smell. When semen combines with the vagina, which is very acidic, the smell and taste may change. When there is a fishy odour after vaginal intercourse, this may be a sign of an infection in the vagina called bacterial vaginosis The problem with logic is that it only works if all of the variables have been taken into account. You are assuming mosquitoes are able to smell all chemicals equally - that is not likely to be true. Just because we find the smell of a mint plant to be strong, does not mean a mosquito can even smell it

Ultimately, an increase in the pH of the vagina can increase the risk of bad bacterial growth. Bad bacteria can cause yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis — and, yes, a bad smell. The keto diet. For example, the Cleveland Clinic reports that asparagus can make your urine have a whiff of ammonia. Also, foods containing vitamin B6 can give urine a strange ammonia-like smell. 14. However, sometimes pee that smells of ammonia could be a sign of kidney disease or liver disease. According to information published by PubHealth, if your liver.

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In terms of treatment, there are many over-the-counter options for yeast infections. However, bacterial infections like bacterial vaginosis require a medical diagnosis and prescription, as well as STDs. With bacterial infections, an antibiotic is the first line of treatment, says Davis What does discharge look like? Vaginal discharge is the result of the cervix cleaning and maintaining itself to stay healthy. During this process, the cervix sheds vaginal cells, cervical mucus, and vaginal fluids which results in a white, opaque substance. There could be an odd smell, too. These are all signs of an STD discharge

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This may sound like an odd title for a blog about menopause. But during the menopause years women can find that smells of different kinds become a bit of a problem. When it comes to smells there's some common changes that women experience. It starts in perimenopause and can continue into the postmenopause years It made the stool less dry and sandpaper-like. But I still wasn't getting any relief. So last Friday she gave me some of her Super Colon Cleanse (about 3/4-5/8 of a scoop/serving) mixed with Metamucil in a water bottle. And I drunk half the mixture. I still haven't stopped pooping. I'm pooping for hours again, just like with c.diff