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r/GSP: Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 57. 5 months old and so lanky . At 0 year (s), 5 month (s) and 29 day (s), Maddie, German Shorthaired Pointer, female, weighed 19.3 kg 7. Food is the ultimate reward for your GSP. He's super smart and willing to please youespecially when you have a nice snack to share. 8. They're called pointers for a reason. Any GSP owner has.

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By her fifth month, your dog is done with her puppy vaccines and ready to socialize with other canines of all walks of life (and their people, too). Take your 5-month-old puppy out often and sign.. AKC German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, 5 months old. He is intact male, UTD on all shots. Really sweet and gentle puppy. He's very friendly and house-trained


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The breed can be extremely challenging from 6 months to 3 years old. GSPs have a very high energy level and a strong prey drive, and they need an owner with an active lifestyle to guide the dog's.. So for a puppy that weighs 15 lbs at 5-months (22-weeks), his growth rate would be 15/22 = 0.68 To get his adult weight you'd multiply the growth rate by 52, i.e. 0.68 x 52 = 35.36. Based on this method, a puppy that weighs 15lbs at 5-months old would weigh about 35.36 lbs as an adult. Method Levi, the 5 Month old German Shorthaired Pointer, was introduced to Quail this past weekend. Hope you enjoy this collage, like and subscribe for more outdoor..

This means that a 1-month-old puppy will need to pee every hour, while a 5-month-old puppy will need to relieve himself every 5 hours. So, if your 5-month-old puppy needs a break every hour or two, something is probably wrong, and you should consult your veterinarian to get your puppy the help he needs 5 month old GSP Posted Date: 9/4/2005. Price: 450.00. Location: Tennessee - United States. Owner: George Steward. Location: Baggett Hollow rd Palmyra, Tennessee - United States. Phone: 9318020932. Email: g.steward@att.net. Description: He is solid liver head,large liver patches,white and ticked..very good looking pup.He will be 5 months old the.

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  1. We had 3 GSP's until last week. We let them run and play in the fenced in yard daily. My 5 year old female is very fast and ran into my 3 year old female and broke her neck. She died instantly. This was a terrible freak accident. Be aware that this can happen. I never dreamed this would happen while they were playing
  2. 5-month old puppy Puppies at this age can go on short walks now, but even some everyday old puppy playtime such as fetch or socializing with other pups is sufficient enough. During this time, it's also a good idea to keep your pup close to you when outdoors and during a walk, as puppies begin to become less dependent upon their pet parents
  3. This sweet, 5 month old girl, Lizzie, has been adopted! She was adopted once before from another rescue. Her owner could no longer keep her and asked the original rescue if it was ok to work with us to find her the right home for the breed. The original rescue agreed, so we did just that
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  5. My 5 month old female German Shorthaired Pointer is for sale through no fault of her own. She is KC registered, microchipped and wormed. She is jet black with a small amount of roan on her chest and left paw. Lovely temperament, very active and eager to learn. Personal reasons forces sale, please call me or message me if you're interested

More Items Related to GSP 5 Month Old Male Puppy 1 Liver German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy (male) for sale. Potty trained. Cash only. All shots done for the year except rabies. I own both parents. Text or call betwee Hi there, My GSP is 5,5 months old and she has in the last few days had goopy eyes mostly in the mornings and then throughout the day sometimes and during evenings. I wipe her eyes clear with a warm flannel but this morning the mucus is a little thicker and trickier to clear

I have a 4 1/2 year old GSP and one 2 1/2 year old GSP in the house. We also have 3 small house dogs. The oldest GSP is always peeing on the couch or other furniture to mark his area i would guess, he read mor Commonly Asked Questions About GSPs. How large is a GSP? How much do they weigh? Males can get be anywhere from 21-27 and weight from 55-75 lbs, females 20-25 and 40-65 lbs. However, it is not the actual size that is important, GSPs are a very energetic breed, they are actually stronger per pound than most any breed

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  1. The History of German Shorthaired Pointers. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an early example of fine German engineering. He was created in Germany in the mid- to late 19 th century to be a multipurpose hunting dog. The GSP was probably derived from the German bird dog crossed with various German scenthounds
  2. Sundance German Shorthaired Pointers. Nick Hall wonders why I hunt with him. A boy named Jed - keeping his family fed. Out of Jacob and Piper. 4.5 months old retrieving one of Daryl McNeils Sharptails. He's awright
  3. 6-Month-Old German Shepherd Behavior Difficulties . 6-month-old German Shepherd behavior is difficult. But with the proper home management techniques and setting expectations, you can overcome this challenging time by correcting and preventing the behavior. The most telling sign of shifting behaviors is unpredictability
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  5. 5 MONTH OLD PUPPIES - German Shorthaired Pointers in Wahpeton, North Dakota - Aus Dem Norden GSP's Reserve / Purchase Ask Breeder A Question About This Ad . Email Aus Dem Norden GSP's about this ad. 1 Males and 1 Female Available . Unbelievable Championship Bloodlines Fantastic Hunter
  6. $400.00 orange 5 month old pups - English Setters in Hooper, Nebraska - Lennemann GSP's Reserve / Purchase Ask Breeder A Question About This Ad . Email Lennemann GSP's about this ad. The puppies bred to 3 hall of fame dogs: triple bred to Ch. Tekoa Mountian Sunrise, double bred to Ch. Tomoka, & double bred to Ch..

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Redi Turkio Oaze, 2 years old. Redi Turkio Oaze aka Kimba at 8 ½ months old. This is one-year-old Bubba. Luci the German Shorthaired Pointer as a puppy at about 4 months. The larger dog is Chester at 9 months, the smaller dog is Betty at 7 months and the human is Miriam at 255 months. Elliot the GSP Female 5 ½ year old GSP mix but I look exactly like a purebred GSP. 4 Month Old Female Purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. Read more →. We need daytime assistance with our beautiful 5 month old daughter while she cannot be at school (not covid). We have two dogs at home which can stay confined (Boston terrier and 3mo old GSP). Feeding bottles, diaper changes, and the normal care routine In large breed dogs, the growth plates close generally around 12 months of age. The recommendation, according to VIN's Medical FAQ Exercising Puppies, is waiting until these dogs are 12-15 months old [will] allow the owner to enjoy many more years of exercising with their pets by allowing adequate skeletal development. So there's the scoop Wait until your GSP is 18 months old, after the growth plates in her long bones have closed, to start running with her. Hiking Miles: Once conditioned, the German Shorthaired Pointer can easily keep up with you on marathon hikes, and in fact often makes top five lists for best hiking breeds. You won't out-hike your GSP

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Sweet Potatoes, 4. Chickpeas, 5. Peas. A GSP needs to stay young at heart, and that is what this recipe delivers. With real chicken as the first ingredient, this formula has just the right amount of fat and protein for your old mate Jackie has a handsome 17 month old German Shorthaired Pointer named Gunner. One month ago she sent Gunny Boy down to Springfield, West Virginia to stay with and be trained by Bruce Shaffer from Almost Heaven GSP's. After one month of training she planned to head south this weekend to see the progress Bruce has made with Gunner General Chat Introducing gsp puppy to my 18 month old gsp. Woody2107. Replies: 3 Views: 514. Challis87 Dec 23, 2018. Introductions X-Mas Pup is coming. Brymax01. Replies: 8 Views: 630. Brymax01 Dec 19, 2018. General Chat GSP needs a home. GSP1116. Replies: 3 Views: 840. Ryan Olivas Dec 4, 2018. Showing threads 21 to 40 of 127 ready for vigorous or extensive exercise until they are at least 12 months old. 5. Most GSP's are very prey-driven and, given the opportunity and training, may want to hunt. An adopter of a puppy needs to be prepared for that possibility. *Potential adopters who meet these guidelines will have preference in adopting on Just about 5 ½ years ago, we lost our beautiful 11 month old GSP to an undetected heart murmur. He was our second GSP, after we had our first one for 15 years. We decided we could not stand the pain of losing another GSP, so, loving the breed, we felt we would volunteer at the California GSP rescue

I thought I was adopting a 6 month old chocolate lab. I drove 7 hours in a blinding rain to pick him up. When I arrived, I looked at him and knew immediately he wasn't a pure bred chocolate lab. As soon as I got him back home, I took him to the veterinarian's office. After much research, we learned that Zeke is a GSP/Chocolate lab mix 6 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · 2 mo ago. I have a 6 month old male gsp. I live in Hunterdon County NJ. Looking for basic obedience class , but don't want anything instruction wise that will be counterproductive to hunting training down the road. He is getting big pulling on the leash a lot, getting into trouble, ect Right now I have two 5 month old GSP's. I feed them Martins Dog food formula. It is a high fat and protein food with no fillers and it is an all stages food. I personally think my pups look great. I also feed it to my four year old GSP. I just put food down for them all day, their bowls are never empty, and they never scarf their food down Our shih tzu poodle Bella is 5 months old and 7.5 lbs. She was spayed on Saturday and it is now Sunday night. She also had surgery to correct a hernia, so her incision is a bit longer than a normal spay. Our dear lovely Bella has not peed or pooped AT ALL! She has drank very little and eaten an even smaller amount The First Six Months: A Bird Dog Training Plan. Field Notes. 5/12/2016 12:03:08 PM Bird Dogs & Training. Bird Dogs & Training. 5/12/2016 12:03:08 PM You took your time, did your homework and picked the perfect puppy. Now you're faced with the daunting task of turning that squirming little ball of energy into a competent bird dog

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I have 4 GSP males for sale 2 liver roans and 2 solid livers. Parents are great hunters and family pets that love to point and retrieve upland game then go home and sleep on there couch. Luke our male has several master hunters in his pedigree is a beautiful solid liver boy. Lucy our female is a beautiful liver roan girl that we were shot birds over her at 5 months old solid points and. Our GSP is a changed dog after using a new trainer. She uses the prong collar and an e-collar and our GSP is a perfect boy now. Our Rotti boy is now 4 months and the trainer says we can start training in another month. what are the thoughts of this method on a 5 month old pup ?

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  1. g 2 year old ylw female $1500. 10 month old ylw female $1500. And two ylw males 10 months and year old. $2000 and 2500
  2. Apply for a Sittercity Short notice care for our 5-month old who has to be home from daycare this week. job in Dallas, TX. Apply online instantly. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Dallas, TX on Snagajob. Posting id: 644593817
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  4. 4 to 6 Month Baby- Communication Milestones to Look For. The 4-6 months communication milestones video shows parents and caregivers examples of communication milestones baby should reach by 6 months old. See More Video
  5. And I always say wait until 5.1/2 months then come in and tell me how good the recall training is. You must start recall training from the first time you ever take your puppy out and buy a whistle at the same time as a lead and collar and read this
  6. d. This is not a business venture, so puppies are available only infrequently

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German Shorthaired Pointer Forum. German Shorthaired Pointer Forum - for chat, discussions, photos and more 5 months old German Shepherd (gsp > Boiling Springs ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 13 German Shepherd mix (gsp > Greenville,SC ) hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 9 Full AKC Adult Male German Shepher GSP activities - We have a 10 month old GSP and he is typical, tons of energy. We want to direct it into some focused play because fetch just doesn't get it done While one Yorkshire terrier puppy might get pregnant at just 5 months in age, a massive Great Dane might not achieve sexual maturity until she's between 18 months and 2 years old -- a major difference. Just as female humans mature at different paces, the same applies to canines

Well-bred female around a year old. She is very well started: Gun and collar conditioned, extremely obedient (come, heel, whoa, kennel), cooperative, full of drive, and natural ability. Pearl was hunted on wild birds last season as 5-month-old pup where I was able to kill birds over her points They say getting there is half the fun. They must not have a 5 month old, a 4 year old and a 9 year old. As you can imagine the 9 and 4 year old creates their own set of challenges but the 5 month old, as cute as she is, can make any trip a little spicy 5 month female GSP in Brentwood £2,000 . Alfie . Posting for 4+ months. Brentwood, Essex. £2,000 . Posted: 4 weeks ago. Ad ID: 36985529. Rehomed. Posted: 4 weeks ago Description: Stunning 5 month old female suitable for a family home fantastic temprement good with dogs and children comes with papers all vaccinations up to date and enquires.

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  1. 15-25 LBS. American Indian Dog. 16-22″. 30-60 LBS. American Pit Bull Terrier. 14-18. 30-65 LBS. Anatolian Shepherd (aka Kangal Shepherd) 28-38″ (guess based on Mastiff size; measure your dog to be sure
  2. Buddy's Growth at 6.5 Months and 67 Pounds At this routine I'm fixing to explain, he is 6.5 Months old at 67 lbs and 25 inches tall! We adopted him after an elderly couple couldn't care for We adopted him after an elderly couple couldn't care for
  3. Therefore, if you are adopting or purchasing a young puppy, there's a good chance the puppy is nearing 12 weeks of age (three months old). Puppies go through some major physical and behavioral changes from three to six months of age. Be prepared to care for your puppy during this crucial development stage

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Gabby is a 10 month old lab mix and weighs 41 pounds. She is dog friendly, cat friendly and loves children too. She is crate trained and is doing great with house training. She is up to date on all vetting also. Gabby is very smart and learns quickly. She is very social and would be a great addition to any family My 4.5 month old is only 12.5 pounds...but she's 25 inches long. Even tonight when I pulled out the large size to try it out I thought it looked huge but I've noticed my little one has been thrashing around a lot in her sleep lately and thought maybe it was because she wanted to stretch her legs out. Turns out...I was right

13 week old gsp biting aggresively. 13 week old gsp biting aggresively. welsh pointer. 19. welsh pointer. 19. Post Aug 18, 2011 #1 2011-08-18T08:45. Is it a stage they all to through or have I got a nasty dog? She gets into a frenzy and isn't just play biting but really means to hurt you, she has drawn blood in my partners hands and you can see. German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies. Linebred Specifically for Foot Hunting! - A Limited Number of GSP P ups Each Year -. German Shorthair Puppies A vailable Soon. Gary Hutchison 1 (800) 675-2772. - Sires and Dames DNA Mapped -. Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed in Writing for the Life of your Pup ! Dames on birds during gestation of pups

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Drunk driver arrested after GSP chase on I-16. SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A drunk driver led Georgia State Patrol on a high-speed chase in Savannah on Saturday. GSP says they pulled over a red Chevrolet truck going over 100 mph in an area with a 45 mph speed limit in the westbound lanes of Interstate 16. As GSP approached the vehicle, troopers say. Utility Prize II, 194 out of 204. AKC Master Hunter Title. OFA Hips #: GSP -15257G28F-VPI. DNA Profile #: V654467. Whelped: 9/1/09. Nobelles Schulhaus Aldo MH, NAI, UTI. Natural Ability Prize I - 112 Perfect Score. Utility Prize I - 204 Perfect Score. AKC Master Hunter Title Generalized System of Preferences (GSP): Overview and Issues for Congress that would have extended GSP for 16 months until April 2022 with no changes (S. 4729). Senator Grassley announced that he introduced the bill so that the GSP could be extended without Pros: GSP easy to navigate- easy option for WNC travelers Cons: Small, old plane. No drinks, snacks, or entertainment. Pros: Everything went fine and was uneventful. For me, an uneventful travel day is a good travel day! Cons: Despite paying 5 months in advance, couldn't check in online or reserve seats without paying extra She is only 5 months old. Reply. Sanathoi February 15, 2016 at 2:58 am. So much information, thank you guys. I was worried when I first saw blood in his mouth, he is almost 4 months old. Reply. Nancy October 24, 2015 at 4:40 am. I love this website! Everything I need to know or want to learn with my lab puppy, I find here

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Temporal 5 months ago #2 GSP risking his legacy for a s***head terrorist supporter would be such an awful move. Objectively, it wouldn't have been all that competitive even three years ago, especially with Khabib wanting the fight at 155 instead of 170 (where he himself arguably belongs), which would result in GSP tarnishing his overall legacy June 21, 2021 at 5:17 am EDT. By Jon Haworth, ABC News. NEW YORK — A 9-month old baby has died after reportedly drowning in a bathtub on Father's Day. The incident occurred at approximately 2. I highly recommend Good Shepherd Preschool (GSP). My son started in the infant/toddler program when he was 7-month old. We were on the waitlist for 5 months, but it's absolutely worth the wait. And they are the only daycare center that I signed up for the waitlist that doesn't request a deposit in order to get into the waitlist

Oh well. Either way the 30 minutes in this DVD are awfully dang hard. For example, the POP UPS will take some time. My initial attempt resulted in my 3 year old having a laugh at my expense. As with all the workouts there are 5 rounds at 5 minutes each. That last 3 sets involve weights 5 month old Maltipoo male and Father (Columbia South Carolina) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 AKC LAB PUPPIES 4 month old Puppy - Male (gsp > ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 German Shepherd puppie

Hyperactive Dogs - How to Calm a Hyper Dog or Hyper Puppy. 1. Try to Remain Calm. One of the most important things to remember, if we have a hyper dog, is the best medicine for a hyper dog is calm energy. If I lose my temper, get frustrated, or become angry, my dog will pick up on that energy and become even more hyper 8 month old loving dog with lots of energy in need of owner willing and able to exercise daily This... 07/15/2021 Total views: 10 Price: Awesome 7 month old male GSP for sale! This dog is crate trained, potty trained and very well natured. He is socialized, vaccinated and AKC registered. He has.. £1,000 9 month old male GSP with pedigree he will make good working/pet will make a good feild dog has started on birds can send videos to show he has bloodlines from Italian/serbian kurzhaar blood. For more details please contact me About 6 months ago we got our beautiful Bella from Briar Covey, and we are absolutely in love with her. We got her for my son's birthday and they are best friends. I would recommend Briar Covey to anyone who is looking for a GSP. Melissa is so helpful and always willing to answer any questions that you may have

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The German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) is a medium to large sized breed of pointing dog developed in the 19th century in Germany for hunting. A versatile hunting breed, being an all-purpose gun dog suitable for both land and water, they are streamlined yet powerful with strong legs. While a hunting breed that retains strong drive to find and chase game, they are extremely energetic and can excel. At about 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 30, 2020, Georgia State Patrol clocked Shamir Floyd, 28, driving a BMW I8 going 125 miles per hour on Interstate 75 south in Cobb County, according to the GSP crash report

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Husky Mix 5 Months - Free (gsp > Chesnee ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 26 Pure Bred Beagle (no papers)- Free 4 month old Puppy - Male (gsp) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 23 Chickens and Ducks (gsp). Women's History Month; Weather. Severe Weather Alerts GSP tells CBS46 they know who the man is who was involved in the incident and warrants are out for his arrest. Ga. deputy's 5-year-old. Up To 9+ Weeks Old. For the first few days, until they are 9 weeks old+, you will need to get up twice to take them to potty at 2.5 to 3-hour intervals. Up To 12+ Weeks Old. After this just once after 4 hours and then you can begin to stretch the time out until they last the night fully at 12 weeks+

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The Garden State Parkway (GSP) is a controlled-access toll road that stretches the north-south length of eastern New Jersey from the state's southernmost tip near Cape May to the New York state line at Montvale.Its name refers to New Jersey's nickname, the Garden State.The parkway is designated by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) as Route 444, although this designation. Elsa is a striking solid liver 20 month old GSP bitch who is seeking a new home through no fault of her own. She has predominantly German bloodlines, Elsa - Solid liver 20 month GSP bitch *** WITHDRAWN *** - GSP Rescue (SW We pick up our GSP pup in 6 weeks time, a female called Ruby but I have a couple of questions for more experienced owners about when they reach full maturity which I believe is slightly later at 2 years. She's bred from 2 dogs with good lineage. Lots of champions and the sire hunts, but the mother is a pet and her owner did tell me that she.

My 11 month 80 pound boy named gunner : GSP_PhotosGiving me lip even though that's my bedVizsla and German Shorthair Pointer - YouTubePointer Puppy Stock Photos & Pointer Puppy Stock ImagesHunting Dogs Europe | Superb Hungarian Vizsla Import Pups