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Line the tape up with the back of the frameless mirror. Press it in place, smoothing it firmly along the backing with your fingertips. Repeat this with each piece of mounting tape. Step Apply Mirror Adhesive Apply the glue to the rear of the mirror. To hold the cement back from crushing out along the mirror's edges, make certain to apply it in any event two creeps from the mirror's edges. Then, cautiously place the mirror on the divider and press it solidly against the drywall Mark Kranenburg from YouBuild Creative shows you hot to install a frameless mirror above your vanity without mirror clips, clean and crisp If you want to hang the mirror in a spot with no studs behind it, you'll need to use the wobble bolts. Have a friend help you to hold up the mirror in the spot where you want to hang it. If no one is helping you, prop the mirror up on books, blocks or milk crates and mark the corners with your writing utensil

*****OPEN ME*****If you are new Welcome! And if at the end of the video you like it Please subscribe and hit the bell so you won't miss.. There are a number of different ways you can hang frameless mirrors. Peter Salerno, the owner of Hook It Up Installation, says: One simple way to hang a frameless mirror is with clips. You just put two on the bottom, one on each side, and one on the top Step 4. Attach the mirror clips at the bottom and on both sides of the markings on the wall. Step 5. Hang your mirror on the clips and install one more clip on the top of the mirror. Step 6. Tighten the screws and make sure that the mirror clips you installed are holding the mirror properly

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  1. Much easier to redo when you want too. Just removed a large frameless ceiling-high mirror. It had a kind of track at the bottom that was resting on the vanity, plus the clips on top. It was secure for 25+ years. Three other in the house that are even bigger. We used these round chrome hangers for 36x36 mirrors
  2. I've seen people try to use mirror hanging clips on frames this thick, and not only is it ugly, it's not a very solid fastening. It becomes a screw sticking out of a wall with a bit of plastic on the end attempting to hold things together, and eventually failing, due to the screw being levered out of the wall, leaving a large gash that needs to be fixed
  3. g those naked windows), but this week on DIY Network's blog, I share a tutorial on how to install a custom mirror to any wall, and securely at that.. Fun fact: This mirror was f-r-e-e, almost garbage (say it like you're french, gar-baje), and impressively large at 68″x20″.It would have made for a killer full-length mirror in my.
  4. To hang a frameless mirror, you'll be needing the mirror clips (of course). If your mirror is regular sized, you can get the regular clips. However, if you have a large frameless mirror, consider getting the Z-clips as those will offer your mirror better support. Other things you'll be needing include: your mirror (of course). a pencil (for.
  5. Hanging a frameless mirror is an easy task as long as you have the right tools. Mark the spot where you want your mirror to go. If there is a stud at the location, you can screw into that. If not, drill a hole in the wall that is big enough to slide a toggle bolt in
  6. Frameless mirrors are usually installed with mirror or hanging clips, which can be seen on the top, bottom and sides of the mirror. But these clips take away the frameless appearance of the mirror. You can safely and securely hang a frameless oval mirror from a wall using a mirror adhesive
  7. What are mirror clips. Mirror clips are a simple and secure way to hang a frameless mirror like a bathroom mirror. Some decorative mirrors are also frameless and can be mounted with mirror clips. Mirror clips are often sold in sets of 4 - two for the top and two for the bottom
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Hanging a mirror with no-slip adhesives is an alternative to mechanical fastening that can provide a clean look If you have a small frameless mirror, try using clips. If the mirrors are large enough to be heavy, use Z-clips instead for better support and weight distribution. Step 2: Check if It's straight or not. You'll want to make sure you hang the mirror straight

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Whether you want to hang a mirror to create some visual space or to check your appearance before you leave your house, the thought of putting holes in your wall might turn you off. Luckily, there are many ways you can hang a mirror without nails, such as by utilizing hanging strips, hooks, or brick clamps Mirrors can create a visual impact of large rooms if properly hanged out. To create space and a cool feeling just hang the frame less wall mirrors at perfect.. You can either hold the mirror and ask the person to do the marking or vice versa. If the frameless mirror you have is small, use clips. If the mirrors are large, use Z-clips which can hold lots of weight. Step 2: Make Sure It's Straigh Knowing how to hang a heavy mirror on drywall in a bathroom is the beginning of a successful DIY project. In this video home renovation brothers Dave and Ric.. To hang a frameless mirror, you will need: Pipe, cable and stud detector; Spirit level; Straight edge; Pencil; Tape measure; Mirror clips; Drill; Screwdriver; For a mirror without screw holes use two fixed clips for the bottom of the mirror and two sliding clips at the top. For a large frameless mirror, use three at the top and bottom

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  1. How To Hang A Frameless Mirror On The Wall With Pictures How to hang a frameless mirror on the wall with pictures how to hang a frameless mirror on wall e architect how to hang a heavy mirror the mirror installation without clips. Whats people lookup in this blog: How To Hang A Large Frameless Mirror On Wal
  2. If you want a mirror to hang on the center of a wall without any visible means of support, you will need to support mirror/mastic until it cures. This means either long 2 x 4's running down the wall to the floor to hold up the bottom, or a cleat screwed to the wall under the mirror (and the wall repaired afterwards.
  3. How to Hang Frameless Mirror without Clips? July 18, 2021 June 27, 2021 by John Cox. Do you love wall accessories, but your heart skips a beat whenever you think there will be holes on the walls of your beautiful home? Do you hate the sound of the drilling machine? Or maybe you live in a rental house, and the landlord said no wall-holes
  4. How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on Drywall Without Mirror Clips Clean the drywall by dusting the surface with a soft cloth. Spray mirror cleaner onto a cleaning cloth. Measure the perimeter of the mirror with a ruler. Cut the double-sided mounting tape to the sizes you wrote down. Use your fingers to remove the peel-off backing
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  6. g How To Install A Bathroom Mirror Without Brackets Installation. How To Hang A Frameless Mirror On The Wall With Pictures. Oval Frameless Wall Mirror Installation Fab Glasirror You. Here S How To Hang Anything And Everything On Your Walls

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  1. Step 6: Attach the mirror to the backing. Also, how do you hang a frameless mirror without clips or adhesives? How to Hang a Frameless Mirror on Drywall Without Mirror Clips. Clean the drywall by dusting the surface with a soft cloth. Spray mirror cleaner onto a cleaning cloth. Measure the perimeter of the mirror with a ruler. Cut the double.
  2. A lot of people used two types of clips while hanging the mirror. The clips are the best input to hang a small weight mirror while, on the other hand, you must pick the Z clips to face the maximum size and frameless weight mirror. It must be Straight. We know that to paste the frameless mirror is not a big deal
  3. The next step in hanging your frameless mirror is to mark out the spots where your clips will go. These need to be aligned with the edge corners of the mirror you previously marked on the wall, and the hole for securing the clips to the wall will be around half an inch away from the edge of the clips, which will hold the mirror's edge
  4. Mirror Installation Without Mirror Clips Many homeowners do not like the visual appearance of the mirror clips commonly used to hang or install mirrors on walls and doors. For those homeowners there is an alternative to using mirror clips to hold the mirror in position and that is to mount the mirror using a specially formulated mastic or.

14. At Home Depot (or Lowes) you should be able to find these Spring Loaded Mirror Mounting Clips made specially for hanging a mirror. They are no where near as big as a j channel and the top two have a small spring inside of them so they kind of grasp the mirror (and snugly fit on the glass). You put the two without the springs in the bottom. Hanging a frameless mirror with clips is ideal for mirrors of all sizes, as the clips attach to the wall and can safely hang even the heaviest mirrors. You can also choose the number of clips needed to hang your mirror, with additional clips for safety if you want to make sure your mirror is completely secure

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Question: How do you hang a frameless mirror on a door? The usual method is to use Mirror Clips. These are available in many styles. Especially on a door, where closing it may impart shocks and vibration, it is a good idea to use a rubber gasket.. - Step 6: Mark Around for The Top Mirror Clip. - Step 7: Again, Drill The Pilot Holes. - Step 8: The Final Step. How do you hang a frameless mirror on the wall without nails? - Start by preparing the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth. - Take a roll of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape Tools Needed to Hang a Frameless Mirror. Mirror hanging is a basic project in which you don't need expensive hardwood frames or extensive carpentry skills. Rely on a few tools you probably already. 4. Cut 2-inch lengths of 1-inch-wide, double-sided, heavy-duty mounting tape. Secure the thick, instant-bond lengths around the mirror edge about 6 inches apart, near but not over the clips. If. Figuring out how to hang a heavy mirror without a frame doesn't need to be intimidating. Many decorative mirrors already have hangers such as D-rings attached with strong adhesive to the back. If D-rings are attached, hanging a frameless mirror is the same as hanging the framed variety

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  1. A better option (depending where your skill set lies) is to make a frame for it, or glue the mirror to a piece of wood that you can then attach fasteners to. You could use a piece of plywood for instance, which is cut smaller than the mirror (2 inches on each side is probably plenty) so you don't see the edges unless you're right against the.
  2. Glue or clips are used along with the track to hold the mirror in position. There are two popular options for mirror track: L-bar - The profile of this channel looks like a capital L, so it is not really visible once the mirror is installed. It is used when a frameless look is desired. J-channel - J-channel is the same as L-bar except.
  3. Hanging a mirror without a frame can be a little tricky. Unlike framed versions, frameless mirrors don't have a sturdy attachment point for traditional hanging hardware, so special techniques must be used. However, the task is still fairly straightforward. Here are a few options you have when hanging a frameless mirror. 1. Use custom hardware

How to Hang Frameless Art | Hunker Many artists opt not to frame their paintings; instead, they wrap the painting completely around the edges of the canvas. If you buy a painting with no frame, you may wonder how you're going to hang it on the wall Outgeek Mirror Clips, Mirror Holder Clips Mirror Hanging Kit Mirror Brackets Glass Clamp Round Zinc Alloy Wall-Mounted with Screw and Anchor 8 PCS 4.5 out of 5 stars 175 $12.99 $ 12 . 99 $13.99 $13.9

There are different options for hanging glass, depending on the glass type and thickness you're working with. If you have a piece of glass art or signage that is 1 ⁄ 4 inch (0.64 cm) or thicker, edge grip stand-off mounts offer an effective and easy installation method. If you have a frameless mirror or thinner glass piece, standard mirror clips work well 7. Hang the mirror. Hang your mirror on the hardware. If you're concerned about scratching the wall, you may want to add bumpers to the mirror's bottom first. How to Hang a Frameless Mirror. For many homeowners, hanging a frameless mirror is trickier than hanging a framed one. To prevent yours from falling, you must follow the proper steps: 1

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If hanging a frameless mirror on drywall, use a screwdriver to attach each clip to the spots you marked using their included screws. If hanging the mirror on a hardwood or concrete surface, use a screwdriver or a drill to attach a clip to each corner of the mirror's outline. Tighten the two bottom clips firmly in place How to Hang a Frameless Mirror Using Adhesive. Large frameless mirrors -- often used in bathrooms -- require adhesive and support to hold them to a wall rather than the J-clips used on smaller.

When hanging a frameless mirror without any mounting hardware, you're left with using adhesive / mastic that is mirror compliant. The Henkel Corporation has two products that will work, LOCTITE PL Mirror Adhesive, and the very commonly found Loctite PL Premium. NOTE: The PL Premium is a multi-surface adhesive, which includes mirrors.The PL 520 is solvent-based, and due to the associated. How To Stick A Mirror Wall Without Glue. April 7, 2021; By admin Filed Under Mirror; No Comments 3 simple ways to hang a mirror on wall without nails wikihow how frameless the with pictures installation clips e architect remove 11 steps zhongyanxi 16 pcs diy tile self adhesive stick ee indonesia install bifold doors new construction attach frame for bathroom mirrors and sayings jual stickers. For a mirror without screw holes use two fixed clips for the bottom of the mirror and two sliding clips at the top. For a large frameless mirror, use three at the top and bottom. Check the wall.

Mirror holders 1/4 inch channel accommodates mirrors up to 1/4 inch thick, 4 clips per bag Fixed mountj hooks used for hanging frameless mirrors. $4.99 $5.99 + How To Mount Frameless Mirror On Wall. May 1, 2021; By admin Filed Under Mirror; No Comments How to hang a frameless mirror on wall e architect the with pictures 4 hanging mounting fixing kit plastic clips march 2021 your guide install big without adhesive merrypad installation heavy home depo A beveled wall mirror gives a room the illusion of being larger and lighter. This frameless mirror is often heavy, regardless of its size, so it's important to find the studs in the wall or use wall anchors to attach the mirror firmly. Special mirror clips available in a number of styles hold the mirror in place

Secure the mounting brackets to the wall with the provided screws. Lay your mirror upside down on a soft surface. Attach the arms with the provided nuts. Lift your mirror and position the arms over the mounting brackets. Secure and tighten the hex set screw under the arms with the provided hex wrench. Stand back and take an obligatory selfie in. How to Attach a Mirror to a Wall With Clips. Many wall mirrors come without a frame or any type of backing and require special clips to hang them. These inexpensive hangers have a rabbet, or notch. Measure the outside dimensions of the mirror. STEP TWO. Cut the wood to the dimensions measured at a 45 degree angle. STEP THREE. Place the piece of wood against the mirror and mark the location of the clips with a pen or pencil. Using a utility knife, carefully make slices into the wood between the marks A custom designed wall mirror is a thing of beauty. Whether in a bedroom, living room, or foyer a mirror can draw the light and the eye. However, without proper mounting, your mirror could be gathering dust in a corner somewhere. Mirror Clips are an easy way to hang a mirror, and infinitely more stable than the hanging it on a nail method There are two main types of bathroom mirrors: framed and frameless.Most framed bathroom mirrors are hung with brackets or wires in the same way you'd hang a picture frame. Frameless bathroom mirrors may use special clips or rest on top of a vanity with adhesive to hold them in place.. This guide will teach you how to install a bathroom mirror whether you select framed or frameless mirrors

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Step 1 - Take measurements. Step 2 - Mark the Mirror's measurement on the Wall for location. Step 3 - Apply Glue to the Mirror. Step 4 - Attach the Mirror to the Wall. Step 5 - Wait for the Glue to Dry. You should also watch the videos below on How to Glue a Frameless Mirror to Drywall. Things to Consider Before choosing Adhesives. Mirrors are an easy way to make a small room appear larger, and add a bit of dimension and elegance to any room. However, they are usually much heavier than most pictures or other art pieces, and thus, require special care when hanging. Oval-shaped mirrors, in particular, must be hung properly to avoid falling Hang Bathroom Mirror With Clips. December 10, 2020; By admin Filed Under Mirror; No Comments How to build a diy frame hang over bathroom mirror love our real life simple install big frameless without adhesive merrypad clips 2 49 dealsan unframed glass wall hanging fixing kit chrome make an easy momhomeguide com i installed really network heavy family handyma Hanging the Mirror. After using the level and pencil to draw the line that marks the bottom edge of the mirror, locate the studs and install the clips or channel with the screws driven into each one

Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Pedidos desde $59 An easy way to hang an unframed mirror is to use a strong adhesive called mastic. Start by marking the area where you plan to hang the mirror with a pencil apply a thin layer of primer so the adhesive will stick. Apply the mastic to the back of the mirror and stick it onto your wall I'm hanging a frameless mirror in my bathroom. It is 31 x 36 and rather heavy. In order to center it where I want and place the metal clips 2 from the edge, there are no studs. If I hang it off-center there are studs. I could center it and hit one stud although the clip would be about 3.5 in. But then I'd have to use a wall anchor All of the google wisdom I have come across points to gluing a unframed mirror of this size to your wall, using hardware as a backup, just in case the glue were to someday fail. The problem I'm having is that I don't own, I rent, and at some point (2 to 3 years from now, I anticipate) I'm going to have to get the mirror back off the wall of my apartment

There are also [in UK] frameless mirrors with pre drilled holes about 2 inches or so from each corner, special screw cups and screw caps are available for fixing screws. If necessary, and you have the correct drill bit AND skill you can drill the. Clips are best for small frameless mirrors. If you are hanging a large mirror, use J-channels or Z-clips in place of regular clips, which can support more weight. Use a level to make sure the mirror will hang straight At Home Depot (or Lowes) you should be able to find these Spring Loaded Mirror Mounting Clips made specially for hanging a mirror. They are no where near as big as a j channel and the top two have a small spring inside of them so they kind of grasp the mirror (and snugly fit on the glass) If this is an unframed mirror--essentially just a sheet of reflective glass--go to the hardware store and buy an extruded aluminum mirror bottom channel of a length equal to the width of the mirror. Also purchase mirror retainer clips, one clip fo..

Not caulk - mirror mastic. It's an adhesive specifically designed for hanging mirrors, and it won't damage the silvering on the mirror, whereas normal caulk can. It does come in a tube just like caulk, and can probably be found near the caulk or the mirrors. Also, mirrors need to be mechanically held in place until the mastic sets Things are HAPPENING in our master bathroom! Woot! Specifically, instead of a mirror, we now have a big empty wall with ugly 80's wallpaper and black patches of some kind of adhesive. Hooray for progress! So this is what our bathroom looked like very, very recently: An absolutely enormous frameless, builder grade mirror (to go with the ridiculously long vanity, Continue reading Effortlessly hang your frameless mirror using the 6-pack of Mirror Mounting Clips. 6 clips, anchors and screws are included to make hanging a breeze. The clips are designed to hang ¼ in. or less thick frameless mirrors up to 24 in. x 36 in. in size. For mirrors larger than 24 in. x 36 in., it is recommended to purchase an additional pack of clips

Many frameless mirrors rely on mirror clips installed at the top and bottom of the mirror (and sometimes along the sides). A new purchase would likely come with its own hardware, but you can also buy a pack of clips for a mirror (just make sure the mirror thickness matches the indicated clip thickness) May 9, 2012 - I'm looking to hang a mirror on the wall on my bathroom. It weighs about 20 or so lbs. There are no built in hooks on the back of the mirror? Bathroom Tile Designs Bathroom Interior Design Modern Small Bathrooms Bathroom Modern Mirror Clips Bathroom Decor Pictures Window In Shower Frameless Mirror Up House

While there are tricks to hiding those plastic clips, this tutorial addresses the original issue: hanging a bathroom mirror like the professionals, without the use of anything visually distracting. It's a simple process, although it does require some serious muscle power (depending on the size of your mirror) and precision-heavy patience 5. Secure the top edge of the mirror. Use two more plastic mirror clips to attach the top edge of your mirror to the door. Space these clips evenly from the center point of the mirror you marked at the beginning when measuring. Screw these only into the thick, center panel of the door (if it is decorative) How do you hang a frameless mirror on the wall without nails? - Start by preparing the wall by wiping it with a damp cloth. - Take a roll of FIX-PRO® Extreme Mounting Tape. - Cut the mounting tape to size - you'll need two pieces that are the same width as the mirror. - Stick the strips of tape onto the back of the mirror

How to Install a Frameless Mirror with Mirror Clips | DIY House Help. Mirror clips are a very common method for mounting and installing frameless mirrors. They can add simple decor. Article by charlie scott. 2. Oval Mirror Diy Mirror Round Mirrors Bathroom Mirrors Wall Mirrors Square Mirrors Bathrooms Bathroom Ideas Mirror Hanging. More. Place the mirror back in the J-bar and install the mirror clips. Gently lift the mirror back into the J bar. While it is being held in place by someone else, climb up the step ladder with your drill, mirror clips, and screws. Screw each clip into the anchor Since you're using a frameless wall mirror will have four clips. Place the mirror clips along the bottom of the badge you did before. After placing the mirror clips, mark the hole in the mirror clips. Repeat the steps above to find the pin. Before screwing the clip mirror top, place the right framework mirrors without mirror clips on the bottom

Frameless mirrors attach to a wall with mirror clips or special glue known as mirror mastic. Many designers prefer mastic instead of clips because the edges of the mirror are not interrupted. The most important part of the job is preparing the surface of the wall so the glue has maximum adhesion Joanne, Everyone that has suggested mirror hangers is correct. I have a very, very heavy mirror with no frame hanging on the back of my bedroom door. It is hanging there with several plastic screw on hangers. They screw into the door and clip onto the mirror. Mine are very pretty, sort of diamond cut design on them. My husband got them at Lowe's Effortlessly hang your frameless mirror using the 4-pack of Fixed-Mount Steel Mirror Mounting Hardware. 4 metal clips, anchors and screws are included to make hanging a breeze. The clips are designed to hang ¼ in. or less thick frameless mirrors up to 24 in. x 36 in. in size. For mirrors larger than 24 in. x 36 in., it is recommended to purchase an additional pack of clips Across the back splash do i set direct without mirror. How to hang a frameless bathroom mirror, a bathroom mirror from bathroomframeless bathroom vanity mirror ideas cheap full. Higher than framed mirror of the top of the tallest person in the mirror adhesive has polished ready to use a mirror frame it. To hang a small powder room

How To Install A Frameless Bathroom Mirror. October 31, 2020; By admin Filed Under Mirror; No Comments How to install a big frameless mirror without adhesive merrypad hang on wall e architect oval installation fab glasirror you clips the with pictures pretty handy gir Find the Perfect Mirror for Any Space. A mirror can enhance a room's style, bring more light into a space and act as an alternative to wall art. Whether you're in search of a wall mirror or a full-length mirror, Lowe's has a selection of mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes so it's easy to find the one that's perfect for you These clips come in crisp and gray shades that match your Large Frameless Bathroom Mirrors. Place the clips at the mirror corner. You may need other clips to support more of the mirror if it is big or heavy as a bathroom vanity mirror. Insert a nail into the hole on the mirror clip and snap the clip over the corner of the mirror

Place the mirror in the two lower and central clips. Screw the upper clips or attach the spring clips to the makeup mirror. Get away from it all, hang your beautiful mirror and admire your work. Major things to buy There are three main things to keep by your side while working. First, a quality D-Ring mirror hanger. Make sure you get a good. With mirror clips or j-mould. Screwed to the wall with masonry anchors. Also put mirror adhesive behind the mirror, onto the painted surface of the concrete. Do NOT use regular solvent based adhesive. The solvent will destroy the backing paint a.. Hold the mirror where you plan to hang it. Find the studs in the wall within the area you marked, using a stud finder. Hold a carpenter's level along the wall at the lowest point where you want the mirror to hang. Drill a pilot hole into each stud to prepare to attach a mirror clip A door mirror is ideal if you're trying to save floor space in a room or have a small space to work with, like a dorm room. If big mirrors aren't a problem for your space, opt for a large leaning mirror that can be placed against a wall or a stylish stand mirror. An Array of Mirror Styles and Color To use clips, put the mirror where you want to hang it and use a pencil to mark the top and bottom corners. Place 2 clips on the bottom, 1 on each side, and 1 on top for most mirrors, though a large mirror may need more. Drill pilot holes for each clip, then screw them into the studs to secure them in place

Vintage Conroy-Pough Round Frameless Beveled Mirror. wackeerusticfinds. 5 out of 5 stars. (179) $65.99. Add to Favorites. Art Deco 30s-40s Oval Shape Frameless Mirror, Faceted Bevelled. Boho, Bohemian, Eclectic, Vintage Wall Mirror We've shown you how to frame a basic builder grade mirror (and here's another method), and it is one of the easiest jobs to DIY in a bathroom makeover.But our guest today not only framed her mirror, she moved it to behind the tub to make this gorgeous space! When it comes to updating a bathroom mirror, you have lots of options, to fit any style, any budget A frameless mirror doesn't have to simply be Venetian, instead a mirror can act as art and be used to create a statement. Take the Love All Glass Collage Heart Mirror for example, with its quirky yet unique mosaic design. Use Adhesive to Hang a Mirror. However, many people think that a mirror without a frame is near impossible to hang from. Pick up your mirror, and place it against the wall where you're planning on hanging it. Outline the top, bottom, and side edges of where it will hang using your pencil. Take down your mirror, and. BIGTEDDY - 4 French Cleat Picture Hangers Hardware Kit Mount Aluminum Z Bar Clips Hanging Mounting Bracket for Mirror Photo Shelf and Cabinet (4 Pairs) 4.7 out of 5 stars 982 $15.99 $ 15 . 9

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This requires attaching D - rings to the back perimeter of the mirror frame, wrapping wire around the D - ring and then attaching one or two hooks to the wall and hanging the mirror by the wire. Mirror clips - use clips when you are mounting a frameless mirror. There are several different types of mirror clips made from plastic or steel You can hang your mirror at an angle using clips or a French cleat. Image Credit: Photo by Ali Marel on Unsplash Mirrors generally come with clips or wire to make hanging them horizontally or vertically easy, but you need a little ingenuity if you want to be offbeat and hang one at an angle Metal mirror clips help anchor mirror to your desired surface. Stainless steel construction provides the strength needed to hang your mirror. For use with 1/4-in (6mm) thick mirrors only. Includes 4 clips with screws and 4 plastic anchors

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Mark the spot on the wall where you want the mirror to hang. Use a level to make sure the mirror will hang straight. Double check that the wall is flat. Locate and mark the studs in the wall. Mark where you plan to install the bottom mirror clips. Drill pilot holes and install the bottom clips on the wall Useful tools for you to hang the frameless mirror onto the wall, or apply to hang pictures, paintings, plaques, photos, glasses and more. Specifications: Material: iron Depth: 5 mm Maximum mirror thickness: 6 mm Maximum weight load: 10 kg Maximum recommended mirror size: 36 x 48 inches Package includes: 12 x Mirror mounting clips 12 x Screw

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