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The FBI investigation of the Limousine and the bullet holes in the front window I just came across this article.The author has discovered a bullet hole in JFK's limo.An interesting read seems that the bullet came from the overpass in front of the limo. An interesting read yes, but the read provides absolutely no tangible evidence (Your title suggests that you have photographic)

We cannot discuss the shot from the front without bringing up the windshield of the JFK limousine. The presence of a bullet hole in the windshield of the limousine, was witnessed at Parkland Hospital by motorcycle patrolmen Sargent Stavis Ellis, James Chaney and Harry Freeman. But it was very clear, it was a through and through bullet hole. Lee Harvey Oswald, the bullet, and JFK. All images Getty. Ever wanted to handle evidence, such as the actual bullets, from the JFK assassination? The public will be able to do so early next year, though not in person. Bullets relating to the killing are being digitized, so anyone can check out the small items that altered the Free World forever. As we are about to discover, multiple alterations were made to the image of the limousine in the Altgens6, where simply whiting out the dark hole at the center was the simplest move that tended to conceal the existence of the bullet hole, but it can still be seen where JFK's left ear would be visible had it not been obscured by that image Both major bullet fragments were found on the right side of the limousine in the front compartment. It appears logical to me that a ricocheting fragment landing on the right side of the front seat must have come from the left side of the limousine. JFK was never to the left of the midline, nor was Connally's trunk when he was hit in the back

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Summarizing, six credible witnesses — Stavis Ellis, H. R. Freeman, Richard Dudman, Evalea Glanges, George Whitaker, and Charles Taylor — all reported seeing a bullet hole in the windshield of JFK's limousine either on the day of the assassination (for five of the six witnesses), or on the following Monday (in the case of Mr. Whitaker, who. Here is Douglas P. Horne, via LewRockwell.com, detailing the photographic evidence of a bullet hole in JFK's limousine's windshield hiding in plain sight. In 2009, I believed I had discovered new evidence in the JFK assassination never reported by anyone else: convincing photography of the through-and-through bullet hole in the. JFK Assassination, Doug Weldon, Len Osanic, Black Op Radio Attorney Doug Weldon discusses his research with Len Osanic of Black Op Radio that confirms there was a front-to-back bullet hole in the windshield of the JFK limousine Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield 'Hiding in Plain Sight' The windshield bullet hole evidence, all by itself, proves a conspiracy; and its clumsy and unsuccessful suppression, all by itself, is proof of a government cover-up of the facts in President Kennedy's assassination, since the U.S. government.

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  1. At around the 2:07 to 2:12 mark in the video, he's holding a picture of the limo windshield that seems to show a bullet hole to the right of the rear view mirror. Doug Horne, in an article on LewRockwell.com dated June 4, 2012, talks about a windshield bullet hole that was witnessed by 6 people
  2. In 2009, I believed I had discovered new evidence in the JFK assassination never reported by anyone else: convincing photography of the through-and-through bullet hole in the windshield of the JFK limousine that had been reported by six credible witnesses. I revisited that evidence today, and am more convinced than ever that the bullet hole in.
  3. WRONG! Of course not! If folks say that there was a bullet hole in the windshield, it is implied that it went all the way through, since glass is rather thin
  4. Still Frames from Zapruder Film Showing driver William Greer Shooting Kennedy [Photo enlargements and commentary from Ken Adachi] Jean Hill & Mary Moorman adjacent to JFK's limo as Kennedy reacts to Greer's first bullet to the throat and a moment prior to Greer shooting JFK in the head (.45 automatic already resting on Greer's right shoulder) Mary Moorman is taking a black and white photo with.
  5. g out with the book they were working on--Paolella thought.
  6. The FBI investigation of the Limousine and the bullet holes in the front window. Saved by Bill. 11. Dealey Plaza Two Witnesses Kennedy Assassination John Fitzgerald John Kennedy Secret Service Limo Bullets Jfk. More information... More like thi
  7. Bullet Hole In JFK Limousine Windshield From South Knoll Gunman (9:48) Posted on January 29, 2021 January 29, 2021 Author EarthNewspaper.com Comment(0) (To view full screen click the link below.

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The JFK limousine and the Secret Service follow-up car known as the Queen Mary arrived at Andrews AFB aboard a C-130 propeller-driven cargo plane at about 8:00 PM on November 22, 1963. Agent Taylor rode in the Presidential limousine as it was driven from Andrews AFB to the White House garage at 22nd and M Streets, N.W This could only have been caused by a bullet ricocheting off the inside of the windshield. The glass was therefore struck on the inside by a shot from behind the limousine. No holes in the glass. If a bullet had gone through the windshield, nothing would have to ricocheted, striking the back of the rearview mirror I had heard of the hole in the JFK limousine windshield before but not much. Apparently evidence of this was ignored by the Warren Commission. The following exercpt from a recently released JFK assassination record prompted my further inquiry. Potito said there was a bullet hole in the wind shield of the President's car side of the limo in front, the bullet might have gone through the left. window next to the driver. It might have gone straight through the window. and through the limo and off to the rear. A number of possibilities. Since the bullet hole was covered up as soon as possible, no one was

The story of Captain James Young, a Navy doctor who said a bullet was found in President John F. Kennedy's limousine on the day of his assassination, could have been corroborated by the president's own physician. However, for unknown reasons, JFK's doctor — Rear Admiral George G. Burkley, who was present in the trauma room in Dallas, and also at Kennedy's autopsy — never got a. Posts: 25,264. The Bullet Hole On Front Windshield Of JFK's Car. The White Mark is a Bullet Hole - Eyewitness Evidence. The bullet hole was seen by several witnesses after the limousine left Dealey Plaza. The two most notable are Dr Evalea Glanges and George Whitaker Sr, both interviewed for the groundbreaking documentary series The Men. The bullet hole in JFK's shirt is about the same size as the hole in Connally's shirt. Yet, there is also some uncertainty about this hole in JFK's shirt. As stated, the squarish cuts on the top end of the hole also may have been made by FBI lab technicians removing cloth to be examined for metallic traces There are no photos showing a bullet hole in the limo windshield. what the conspiracy fans will tell you is, some guy who worked at Ford saw the windshield with a clear bullet hole in it because they shipped it to Ford with the real windshield just sitting there for anyone to see

Now he's written a novel that explores what might have happened if the Secret Service had kept the bubble top on JFK's limo. Eleanor Clift Updated Jul. 11, 2017 6:12PM ET / Published Nov. 04. The 1961 Lincoln Continental Presidential Limousine, in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, was donated to The Henry Ford by Ford Motor Company in 1978. The car, completely rebuilt after the assassination, did not go on exhibit until 1981. The museum's policy at that time was not to display cars less than 20 years old

The Warren Commission (WC) claimed President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was killed by only one person firing from the rear of the limousine on November 22, 1963, but as we have seen in the previous posts their claim of how this was done is not valid. The Single Bullet Theory (SBT) does NOT hold up nor is there any evidence to show it really happened Dallas motorcycle patrolman Stavis Ellis observed a penetrating bullet hole in the limousine windshield at Parkland Hospital. Ellis told interviewer Gil Toff in 1971: There was a hole in the left front windshieldIt was a hole, you could put a pencil through ityou could take a regular standard writing penciland stick [it] through. Shooting holes in theory that a Secret Service agent killed President Kennedy. Secret Service agent George Hickey is seen brandishing a rifle as the limousine carrying a wounded President Kennedy, with agent Clint Hill on the back, speeds away from Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. One theory is that Hickey accidentally shot JFK. Read more Richard Bothun Photo #4, in black and white, shows what could possibly be a bullet hole in the lower corner of the sign, nearest to the street. Shot #11: Another shot cracked and penetrated the windshield of the limousine left of center, making a hole large enough to put a pencil through it, according to Dallas police Sergeant Stavis.

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  1. ology —was crucial to supporting the Commission's explanation of how Oswald pulled off the shots that first wounded, then killed President Kennedy, and did the collateral damage to Governor Connally. Transcripts of the hearings show the Commissioners struggled more with CE399 as a piece of evidence than anything else and they.
  2. Nope, no hole in the limo windshield, just a chip from one of the bullet fragments from the headshot. Check out Altgens 6 and Altgens 7. Altgens 6 was snapped around Z frame 255, after Kennedy and Connally had both been hit once. No damage to the windshield
  3. Oval bullet holes in windshields with a more or less vertical long axis are indicative of a shot fired directly in front of the vehicle. When the long axis is canted to the left or the right of vertical, a shot at a corresponding angle to the left or right is indicated. These concepts are summarized below. Figure 1
  4. A large street sign on the right-hand side of the street had 03 bullet holes in it. A photo of this street sign with the 03 bullet holes and the street sign itself are supposedly located at the National Archives. The Zapruder film shows no sign of any of the 03 bullet holes
  5. A bullet strike scars the windshield of the presidential limousine dating from the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. The vehicle is at the National Archives at College Park with other evidence from the JFK assassination
  6. JFK got a bounced bullet of some fragment to the neck in 55.6s and his hand goes to the neck in the frame 254. This bullet must have been shot from the back to bounce to the neck from the car. I think it is a bounced bullet, since a direct shot to the neck from the back or from the front would go straight through and there would be holes on.

One such story involves a bullet that was supposedly found on the grass of the infield of Dealey Plaza — the area between Elm Street and Main Street. The account, touted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison and repeated in numerous conspiracy books since the late 60s, was based on a series of photos shot by Jim Murray and William. Why JFK's Limousine Stayed In Service For 13 Years After Dallas. You would not be blamed for assuming the Lincoln Continental used by President Kennedy on that horrible day 50 years ago was. Limo Overhead Analysis of Walter Sisco Photo of the Dallas Morning News Alpha = α = 30.28° right side - 27.10° left side Beta = β = 4.53° CE872 Diagram of Limousine Gov. Connally is Sitting about 35 in front and 4.3 to the Left of JFK Typical Computer Graphics Equations Alpha = α = arctangent (sin ϕ * tan (90 - θ) ) Beta = β. Only cracks are visible, not bullet holes, meaning fragments of the bullet or none fragments from JFK's skull could have hit the windshield but did not go through it. There are no reports of formal analysis done by the Warren Commission, or anyone else, of the windshield and its damage, so much mystery still surrounds the cause of the fracture. Back to Kevin Costner's JFK monologue: [The government] never released the autopsy photos to the public . . . The autopsy materials are under the control of the Kennedy family. President Johnson ordered the blood-soaked limousine filled with bullet holes and clues to be immediately washed and rebuilt . .

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  1. NARRATOR: A straight line through J.F.K.'s neck, elliptical holes in Connally's back and coat, with no bullet wipe, bits of lead in the wrist, a bullet noticeably flattened, with lead bulging out.
  2. Re: Bullet holes in the limousine and extra bullets found in Dealey Plaza. J D Tippet had a nickname the other officers called him by. That nickname was JFK. Mrs Kennedy wanted to retrieve a lock of hair from the presidents body as it laid in state
  3. The main damage was to the right rear of JFK's head. There were bone fragments inside the limousine. There was a through-and-through bullet hole in the windshield, just above the metal frame. The Secret Service kicked out an FBI photographer. He got into Trauma Room One while they were still trying to save JFK. The

windshield with the bullet hole in it was replaced with the manufactured one now on the limo with no bullet hole through it. had jfk been announced dead upon arrival at parkland, could the blood/body evidence have been removed from the limo in the manner done? tomnln <tom...@cox.net> wrote in messag On the French cuff of the right sleeve of the Governor's shirt was a ragged, irregularly shaped hole located 1 1/2 inches from the end of the sleeve and 5 1/2 inches from the outside cuff-link hole.236 The characteristics after laundering did not permit positive conclusions but these holes could have been caused by a bullet passing through the. The HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel located the entrance wound on the back of the head about 3.9 inches above the external occipital protuberance, and 0.7 inches to the right of the midline. An exit wound was located near the right temple 4.3 inches in front of, and 0.4 inches below the entrance wound, about 2.2 inches right of the midline This Man Witnessed JFK's and Lee Harvey Oswald's Murders and recognized easily the characteristically tiny hole of an entering bullet, in contrast to the larger, tearing hole that an exiting. 3. Third shot, fired from the TSBD, struck John F. Kennedy in the back. 4. Fourth shot, fired from the Dal-Tex building, struck the chrome strip at the top of the windshield in JFK's limo. Each of these remaining shots will be detailed at length in a similar fashion as this one. I chose to demonstrate this shot first for two reasons

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. He was assassinated under controversial circumstances in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963. Kennedy was traveling in a motorcade through downtown Dallas with his wife, Jacqueline, John Connally, the governor of Texas, and his wife, Nellie in a convertible limousine JFK files still being witheld Oswald's paraffin test Palm print on rifle / ink on Lee's dead hands Bullet holes in JFK's limo Photographic evidence of a bullet hole in the windshield JFK's limo sent to Detroit on 11/25/63 to have windshield replaced (video

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  2. JFK Limo Parked Outside Parkland Memorial Hospital. Oct 30 2017. A member of the Assassination Records Review Board has pointed the public s attention to a document that paints the entire JFK assassination narrative in a whole new light. A national security report highlights a St. Petersburg, Fla., speech given in January of 1964, about two.
  3. Hmm, Oswald clothing fibers on the rifle, Oswald's fingerprints on the rifle, bullets recovered,(the so called Magic Bullet and the partial bullet found in the limo) all tied to Oswald's weapon. First shot fired before Zapruder restarted his Bell & Howell, Position A-Secret Service reenactment 11/27/63
  4. Kennedy was gunned down as he rode in a motorcade through dallas. 10-04-2020 summary of the limo bullet hole assassination, texas. He became jfk's assassination, or on his assassination. 1961 lincoln continental four-door convertible limousine, vin # 1y86h405950 jfk was riding in when he was assassinated
  5. The bullet holes from the autopsy showed that the entry of the first bullet went through his back and exited out through his esophagus. was driving the limo and Connally's wife was riding in the front seat of the limo. Once the limo passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the limo slowed down as it reached an overpass. President John F.
  6. Of course they have to have the single bullet be the shot that hits JFK and Connally multiple times. The 1st shot hits the traffic light, then the windshield frame of the limo, and then hits concrete and injures James Tague who is far away near the overpass and the 3rd is the head shot..

In 2009, I believed I had discovered new evidence in the JFK assassination never reported by anyone else: convincing photography of the through-and-through bullet hole in the windshield of the JFK limousine that had been reported by six credible witnesses.I revisited that evidence today, and am more convinced than ever that the bullet hole in the limousine windshield is what I am looking at in. Oliver Stone Cannes. Oliver Stone is in Cannes this year premiering his documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, which re-examines the murder of President John F. Kennedy using new.

A Through and Through Hole in the Limo Windshield Conspiracists have long claimed that, in the wake of the shooting, the windshield of the presidntial limo had a through and through hole in it. The windshield in evidence (in the National Archives) has only ding on the inner surface, presumably from a fragment from the shot that hit Kennedy in. The autopsy photos and x-rays and testimony of the autopsy doctors clearly support the conclusion that two shots struck Kennedy. The first shot hit Kennedy in the back of the neck to the right of the spine before exiting the base of the throat. Bunching his suit jacket and shirt explain why the bullet holes in his clothing are lower than the. The limousine was taken back to Ford and on Monday, November 25, the day of the formal state funeral, it was stripped to bare metal and rebuilt, including replacing the windshield, which had a through-and-through bullet hole, which spectators had noticed at Parkland and the Ford official responsible for its replacement confirmed, where the. The very first conspiracy theory, that Castro and the communists killed JFK - the one expressed by President Johnson 20 minutes after the assassination, and first seeing print in the DRE's CIA funded newspaper, Trinchera, on November 23, 1963 - still has followers and proponents, the latest being Phil Shenon

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The Lapel Flap and the Single-Bullet Theory. The Warren Commission's case against Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of President Kennedy demanded that all the wounds to JFK, Governor John Connally, and James Tague must have been caused by the three bullets whose empty shells were discovered on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Whether that shot caused the bullet hole in the Limo's windshield, or hit the curb, or some other location is unknown, but I have to concur with Newcomb and Perry's conclusion in Murder From Within that Greer fired the two shots that hit Kennedy and the one shot that struck Governor Connally in the back when he turned around to look at JFK. A bullet hole can be seen in the cab's backseat headrest where Hannah Warnaar says she was sitting. If it had hit the headrest just a slightly different angle or spot. It's literally exactly where my head was so that's obviously a horrifying thought to think about, she said With that incision, the 'Single Bullet Theory' was born. • Another Test Ignored - The Commission misrepresented a small hole on JFK's throat below the Adam's apple as a bullet 'exit' wound despite its own tests and testimony by Dr. Malcolm Perry that suggested this wound was more characteristic of bullet 'entry. 48 thoughts on THE MISSING BULLET IN THE JFK ASSASSINATION Bob MacGregor May 25, 2019 at 8:43 pm. Just got back from Dallas and the Kennedy Memorial at the School Book Depository Building. I had been familiar with the theory of the first bullet striking the signal and ricocheting to strike the curb causing fragments to hit Tague

There is beveling, a smaller hole where the bullet entered, a larger hole on the other side of the skull. JFK was shot in the rear of the head, the bullet yawed inside the skull and largely came apart as it moved foreard, leaving a trail of metal fragments in the brain, also visible on these x rays, also indicating a path from rear to front The magic bullet. This was the bullet that was found on the stretcher that had carried Governor Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital. According to proponents of the single-bullet theory, this one bullet caused seven different wounds in both Governor Connally and President Kennedy while following a trajectory that opponents of the theory believe to be impossible Years later, a pathologist who assisted Humes, said they saw the remains of the bullet hole itself, part of the perimeter of a bullet wound in the anterior neck. (For the complete story on this, go here.) And so again I ask, why assume no bullet entered JFK's throat because you don't know where it went If the JFK assassination happened today, would we have the tools to crack the case? Ballistics experts Luke and Mike Haag apply 3D laser and Doppler technology to the crime scene for new insights. The single-bullet theory, often derided and discredited by referring to it as the magic-bullet theory, was introduced by the Warren Commission in its investigation of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy to explain what happened to the bullet that struck Kennedy in the back and exited through his throat. Given the lack of damage to the presidential limousine consistent with it.

The limo that JFK was riding in when he was assassinated 50 years ago lived a long life after that day. Its story is told at The Henry Ford, a museum in Dearborn, Mich Re: Bullet holes in the limousine and extra bullets found in Dealey Plaza America has been under a curse since November 22, 1963. It's no coincidence that our Golden Age ended shortly after JFK's assassination Both Jackson and Stavis Ellis confirmed as eye witnesses that there was a bullet hole in the windshield. CIA photographers working for Life and other CIA news outlets covered up the hole in the photographic evidence much as Johnson ordered the completed destruction of the limousine - although a fake version was rebuilt from the chassis up

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The famous home movie taken by Abraham Zapruder clearly shows Kennedy being propelled back and to the left. This is consistent with a shot fired from the front, not from the book depository. So does the testimony of witnesses who saw a bullet hole in the windshield of Kennedy's limousine A brief video in which Dr. Evalea Glanges of Parkland Hospital comments on seeing a bullet hole in the windshield of JFK's limousine which exhibited signs of being shot from the front, which corresponds with Bernard Barker's likely shooting location The crews cleaned out any bullets that didn't belong to Oswald's alleged rifle. Oswald always claimed he didn't own a rifle. Well, we have the photographic evidence to show you that at least two different bullet fragments were found in JFK 'S limo that day. The first is the fragments which the doctors that did the autopsy pulled from. the HSCA measured the hole in the front of Connally's coat to be 1 x 1 centimeters, the Warren Commission calling it a circular hole(13), while the HSCA referred to it as an irregular round defect.(14) The fact that Dr. Lattimer produced a hole of comparable size and shape only when his bullet did not go throug

Altered History: Exposing Deceit and Deception in the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence, Part 5 - Douglas P. Horne Documentary; Final Report of the Assassinations Records Review Board; Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield 'Hiding in Plain Sight' — Douglas P. Horne articl The bullet traveled at a 30-degree angle from the fence on the grassy knoll. It entered Kennedy's neck to the right of his larynx, traveled downward and slightly to the left, exited his back to the right of his spine, and buried in the back seat of the limousine. The bullet made a small tear in the leather upholstery rather than a hole

Bullet analysis casts doubt on lone gunman in JFK assassination. Use the latest scientific techniques to poke a hole or two in official findings on the Kennedy assassination and suddenly you have lots of new friends - and lots of enemies. Forty-five years after President John F. Kennedy was killed in a Dallas motorcade, the details. the inconvenient fact that the holes in the clothes did not align with the of the clothes is a construction upon an artiface, needed to allow the SBT to seem sensible in aligning with the actual bullet tear in the front of the throat so that it could be said that it exited that way. in the limo that day

The Warren Commision relies on two people (JFK and Connally) being hit by the same bullet for a non-conspiracy finding to be tenable. In this, Kennedy is hit in the throat and Connally is hit in the back. If this is not true, then more bullets are needed, and the Warren Commission's case collapses There was no Magic Bullet. The limo driver nor the guy in the passenger seat shot JFK. HOWEVER. The Zapruder Film is edited. JFK's autopsy at Bethesda Hospital, never happened. Kennedy was shot four times, once in the back, once in the throat, twice in the head

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e) 8/5/78 interview with the HSCA (12 HSCA 23; see also Crossfire by Jim Marrs, p. 14, High Treason, p. 22, Who's Who in the JFK Assassination by Michael Benson, p. 125, and A Complete Book of Facts by Duffy and Ricci, p. 171)---reported seeing a bullet strike the pavement alongside the first car in the motorcade, approximately 100 to. A new study suggests the 'grassy knoll' JFK assassination theory is bogus. When dressmaker Abraham Zapruder brought his camera to see President John F. Kennedy 's motorcade pass through Dealey. I believe that the bullet which created the hole in the limo's windshield (seen in Altgens photo no. 7) came from outside and into the interior of the limo, and not the other way around as some have suggested. You can see the inward spray of glass in Zapruder frame 330

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John F Kennedy JFK AUTOPSY, THE DALLAS DOCTORS THE JFK AUTOPSY AND THE HEAD GAMES. NOTE: THE PLACEMENT OF THE BACK WOUND NEAR THE NECK. (FIRST PHOTO, drawing.) ( This is from 4 to 6 inches above the actual location, and is critical to accommodateing the single bullet theory witch will be described in another section, Magic Single Bullet Section However, the passing of the first car in the motorcade would suck air and smoke out of the sewer hole and along the route of the motorcade. A shot from the Grassy Knoll would have reached JFK's head at a downward angle, exiting from the base of his skull, and driving him down into the seat as it sent him backwards alt.assassination.jfk. Conversations. About. Presidential limousine was thereI had been standing there for some time just watching the back of the emergency room when I realized there was a bullet hole in the windshield. Talked to my friend and I said, Look, there is a bullet hole in the windshield and pointed it. The jacket JFK was wearing shows a hole about 5 1/2 inches below the collar, which contradicts the official location of the wound. If the bullet entered here, especially at a downward angle, it is difficult to imagine how it could have passed through his neck and exited at his throat. A bullet hole in the shirt turns out be about 5 1/

The hole was much too small to be an exit wound from a gunshot from behind and did not line up with the initial reports of the hole in JFK's back. Thirdly, because of the convenient placement of the small hole the doctors at Parkland opened it up to use as a tracheotomy in an effort to save JFK's life, thus destroying much of its evidentiary value Updated March 12, 2007 Members of the Warren Commission present their report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. L-R: John McCloy, J. Lee Rankin (General Counsel), Senator Richard Russell, Representative Gerald Ford, Chief Justice Earl Warren, President Lyndon B JOHN DESALVO.***JFK Secret Service Agent Joe Paolella, who passed away in 2017, admits that he saw a bullet hole in the windshield of President Kennedy's bloody limousine the Windshield Mobile Install Companies Dallas Area Dallas To Phoenix Flight Emergency Landing When Windshield Shatters 1963 . . . when he was shot dead as she sat. Witnesses to the JFK assassination: Three Dallas stories. In 1963, a radio newsman, a schoolgirl and a nurse were close to the action when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. What they saw.

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The firecracker reference is a subtle way of saying a shot was fired in the limo. JFK: Eyewitness statements, assassination of President John F. Kennedy, murder of J. D. Tippit and arrest of Lee. The girl in the Pina Colada song had a crush on JFK. Think about it. If you like Pina Coladas - JFK was a known aficionado of rum drinks. And gettin' caught in the rain - JFK was a Navy man. Fond of water, sea spray, etc. Rain is not a showstopper. If you're not into yoga - JFK had a bad back. Yoga was out JFK Files: J. Edgar Hoover Said Public Must Believe Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone. J. Edgar Hoover said in a memo two days after John F. Kennedy's assassination that the public must be led to.

JFK Assassination: The Other Magic Bullet - YouTubeJAMES FETZER: JFK Conspiracy: The Bullet Hole in theBullet holes in the limousine and extra bullets in DealeyOhio police dashcam footage shows shocking moment whenBullet Hole in the windshield of JFK limountitled [wwwJFK Lancer - President John F